What is Hosted Account and How to Upgrade to Normal Adsense Account

In recent times, Google has changed their advertising systems. These days they give different monetizing options for videos and different options for blogs, websites, etc.. So, you will need to understand the account types, they are providing. And that’s why i have written this post which will help you understand it the easy way. So, let’s start without wasting too much time.

What is Hosted Account?

It is a New Type Of an Adsense Account Launched along with the Limited Adsense Account. These Accounts are quite Similar to Regular Accounts but it can only be used on Adsense Host partners Websites.

Those Host Partner Websites are:-

These are the Host partner websites can be used with those Restricted Adsense Account.

Advantages of Hosted Account:-

  • You can make money on YouTube Uploading Videos.
  • If you love writing Articles then, you can make money writing for Hosted sites like Hubpages and Monetizing it with Hosted Adsense Account. Read:- How to Create Hosted Account with Hubpages
  • Students can Earn by Uploading Exam and Study Material on IndiaStudyChannel and Showing Ads with Hosted Account.
  • You can Also Make money Uploading different Documents at docstoc and showing Ads from Hosted Adsense.
  • You can Create a Personal Blog on blogger (only with a blogspot subdomain) and Make Money by showing Ads.

Disadvantages of Hosted Account: –

  • It can not be used on Custom Domain Blogs.
  • It Will Not show Ads on non-hosted sites.

Difference Between  Hosted and Non-Hosted Adsense Account: –

Features Hosted Non-Hosted
Ads Only Hosted Partners Anywhere
Approval Very Easy Difficult
Support Good Best

Hosted Account will Only Allow Users to earn Money From Hosted Sites But Full Adsense Account Allows Publishers to Use Ads Anywhere and Generate Income. Also Hosted Account Approval is very Easy when we use any Hosted Site specially YouTube as it takes 2 – 24 Hours. On the Other Side, Getting A Full Adsense Account is very difficult because it will need a perfectly created website.

Read:- How to Create Hosted Adsense Account with YouTube

How to upgrade to Normal Adsense Account By Removing “Hosted Account” Label?

The Only Way to get Regular Account is,Submit the Name of  a Website Owned or Controlled By you, with you want to use your Adsense Account.
After the Submission of the Website Google will do manual Review of the website.If Website Complies with all Terms And Conditions Provided by Adsense then Google will Upgraded your Account to Regular Account and Label “Hosted Account” Will Be Permanently Removed.

Note:- If you Don’t have your own Website then their is no way to Upgrade from Hosted Account to Regular Account.

Follow the Below Given Steps to Get Regular Account:-

1. Login To Adsense.

2. Click on the Tab “Home“.

3. Click on “Account Settings“.

4. Now, Look for the Label that Says “only Hosted Sites are Allowed to show Ads For Your Account“. Click the “Edit” Link next to it.

5. On Next page ,You will Need to provide the URL of Your Website on Which you want to show your Ads ( Provide Full Address of Your Website ).

6. Now,the website will be Submitted to Google Review.

Note:-Before you Submit the Application,You Must Implement the Ad Code in one or more Pages of the website you are Submitting for Review.It will Show Only Blank Ads Until your Application is Reviewed and Approved But They Will Not Approve It Unless You Implement The Ad Code With Blank Ads.

Note:-If Google Decides Not to Approve your Request to Remove the Limitations then, you can still Continue to Use the Adsense in the Host Websites.

If you are still not able to get full approval, then read this post:- 16 Best High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives.

  1. HI , thank you for answering . but Can i create one account “hosted” adsense on hubpages. because google change rule . account youtube adsense can’t use on hubpages?

    thank you

  2. Hello, I read your blog . I love it but I have a question
    I have account hosted adsense . I created it by youtube . Can I use it for my Hubpages

    thank you very much

    1. I upgraded my account adsense to Normal adsense . but more 6 month . Google haven’t answered about yet . Can i still use “hosted” my account adsense

      1. You can still use your hosted account and also apply for upgrade again with your best website.

      1. Hi admin , thank for answering . Can I create another “hosted” google adsense account on hubpages with another information?

        my ads youtube adsense cannot appear on my hubpaes because google change rule

        1. In that case, You can create a new Adsense account with Hubpages, but with different Payee Name.

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