You might be wondering what really means when someone says ping a phone. First things first, pinging a device literally means sending it signals or messages via signal towers. Then the signal will return from the device x with the exact location of the device.

What literally means by Pinging a phone?

Pinging a device helps in many ways. Basically it’s primary function is to provide the device’s exact location, where the device was active. Ultimately this information is indeed very informative for many purposes. 

Now, you’ll be guessing how this “pinging” the device acts. Take a chill pill! Let us explain it to you.

We all know we have a GPS system installed on almost every mobile device. When activated, the GPS system can track the location. GPS systems incorporating various tracking software and other accessibility tools can accurately locate the device.

Now, obviously everyone must be wondering why do we need to ping a phone or to track the location of the device? How does this technology help? Basically, why does anyone need to track the device’s location? Again, we are here to resolve all your queries.

Why ping a phone?

how to ping a phone

Benefits of Pinging a Phone:

There are a number of issues that can be resolved by tracking the device’s location. 

1- It can help to track and then locate any device which has been lost. A lot of people accidentally lose some of their devices. This technology will help millions of users to assist them to get their devices back.

2. This technology is definitely going to help in various criminal investigations. Police and other intelligence agencies can track the location of various suspects. It may provide an accurate lead to the investigation.

3. We all face some blank or prank calls, which are obviously irritating or harassing or nuisance. Pinging the device will help to track and report such harassers. Thus, ping a phone to catch the culprits!

4. We all know teenagers are kinda tender and phone technology can really help the parents to keep a check on their teenage kids. 

5. If anyone is working for tracking purposes by profession, having all exclusive rights. Then this feature is definitely helpful.

How To Ping A Phone?

  • Location tracking software

One of the easiest methods is tracking or pinging a phone via location tracking software. There are many applications available on the internet. One of the most common applications is Google Maps. It’s easy to use and kinda subtle.  There is another application namely Life 360 which can be an excellent alternative to Google Maps. These kinds of applications use the GPS system to accurately track the device’s location and ping a phone. However, if the GPS system is not enabled or not given access these applications can not track the exact location. Instead, they will show the last location where GPS was active or enabled. Additionally, Google’s location history can also help to track the location.

  • Default Phone Mechanisms

Many devices don’t have a GPS system installed, like old keypad phones and many more. To track these devices they have got inbuilt “Find my device” tracking feature. Like for example, In Apple’s iPhone, they have inbuilt “Find my iPhone” tracking system. These tracking systems are definitely helpful to locate or track the devices.

  • Tracking the Phone Number Details

Another very good method if you are thinking of ways of pinging a phone, is about tracing the SIM card number Instead of tracking the device. In mobiles, a SIM card is inserted which itself has a tracing system inbuilt. There are plenty of apps such as True caller which can help to find out the owner of the unknown number, location of the incoming call where it is registered. This is certainly helpful to cope with telephonic harassers. 

  • Using the Phone’s Carrier’s help

If all of the above-mentioned methods can’t perform well, then there’s another method to ping a phone. There is a certain type of company that helps the customers to locate their lost devices. Companies such as T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc. assist the customers to locate their lost devices or to track the location of their beloved. 

But actually they don’t use ping a phone technology. They have an altogether different technique. They use a process known as Triangulation. Now the triangulation process is an analog type of process whereas ping a phone is a digital process. The triangulation method actually works by forming triangles to device-generated multiple signals.

If we talk in a layman language,  this triangulation method actually detects multiple signals transmitted out by the device and then tries to locate the location. This method is very cheap and more importantly totally legal. 

How can I ping a phone which has been switched off?

Unfortunately, the answer is simply No. It is impossible to track the devices or trace the sim or any other methods once the phone is switched off. Technically, the device stops receiving and transmitting signals if it gets switched off. Because signals can’t be detected by nearby towers if the device is switched off.  In those circumstances, we can track and find out the location where last the device was active.

Although, there are some exceptions to this. With the help of ultra-modern technologies of NASA, the location can be traced even if the device is switched off. For example in War fields, where it’s extremely important to hide your location from the enemy’s tracking system. The location there can be traced by NASA. There are many reports proving this. NASA actually helped to track such devices in the Past.  Also, this is the last option left. After this, there is absolutely no hope to ping a phone.

How can I prevent my location from being tracked?

Now obviously you all must be “over-thinking” how can I prevent my device from getting tracked or traced? Because no one wants to get tracked by someone. Everyone wants a private space. Most of us don’t actually want to get tracked. But how can we stop pinging our phone?

Don’t worry, we are here for you. We have got utterly simplest steps that can help you to prevent your device from being tracked. 

Here we go!

  • Turn off your GPS Location

This is the simplest way you can definitely prevent tracking. This setting will ultimately stop the interaction of GPS navigation from all the radiations over the globe. 

  • Turn on the Airplane Mode

This setting will also help you to prevent getting tracked by anyone. We can successfully escape from the Nexus by just one click. This setting will stop the device to send or receive any signal from the web of radiations.

  • Switch off your phone

If we switch off the device or phone, we can manage to avoid any type of tracing. By removing the battery from the device, we can successfully stop the software tracking the device.

  • Turn off the locations services in phone settings

Whenever we switch on a phone it asks us to grant access to its location. That is it seeks permission to track or ping the phone. By denying permission, we can avoid tracking. If we already granted permission, then in the settings of both iOS and Android we can manually turn off the location services.

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Hope this article would have proven beneficial for you and you got to know some amazing and simple steps of how to ping a phone. So use the techniques to draw some benefits!

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