How to Optimize Site for Google Panda

Google Panda is one of the Most Important Google Algorithms . In the Starting It was Not Expected that Panda will Effect that Much Sites. Some Sites are Completely Removed , Some are Partially. But it has such a Big Effect on Internet World . So It’s Become Compulsory to Learn Techniques About “How to Optimize Site for Google Panda“.

As We Already Written Some Articles on Panda and Quality Content.

Now , Everyone Would be thinking How they Can Make sure that their Website is Not Affected By Any Panda Update.
As Google Panda Affects Sites that have Duplicate Content or Spam So it’s Advised to Write Your Own Content Instead of Stealing. Panda Demands Websites to Have Long in depth Content with Deep knowledge.
Panda Also Penalizes Over SEO Optimized Websites But that Doesn’t Mean SEO is Dead , It Has A Lot Remaining specially if Done with Expertness. So , We have created a Guide to optimize Website for Panda Update that Will Help Everyone to Keep Penalty Away.

How to Prepare Website for Google Panda Update

Below are Point to Point Description of How to Optimize Site for Google  Panda:-

#1 Set Your Goal to Focus on Specific Topic

In the Recent Time Those Websites are Getting Top Rankings who Focus on Specific Topic. They provide in depth Content on Specific Topic. So I will be Asking a Simple Question ” Which Topics You are Focusing on?” , If You are Focusing on Large Number of Topics then this Field is Not for You.

You will never ever be able to Provide In-Depth Content on Large Number of Topics. So if You want to Rank Well Select Some Clear Topic’s and Set your Goal to Provide Best Knowledgeable Content on that Topic. Cover All Aspects of of that Topic so Google Will Rank your Website on Top of Rankings for that Specific Keyword.

#2 Write Detailed , Unique Articles

If you are Writing Good Long Articles then No way Panda can Penalize you . Now Question Arises How Many Words Articles are Best for Search Engine? 

Beginners Always Write Articles Near About 200 Words Because they don’t have too Much Experience But With Some Experience 500 – 700 Words Articles are Considered Good for Search Engine. These Articles can Get you High Rankings But Getting Consistent High Rank With 500 Word article is very Difficult Because there is too much Competition Online and if Someone has written 1000 Word Article on same topic then that Article will Rank Higher than Your 500 Word Article.

To Remain Constantly at Top of Rankings You have Write Articles Between 800 -1200 Words. These Articles Tell Search Engine Robots that You have In depth Content and generally they Will Rank these Articles Above All those Short Articles.

Now , You Will be Thinking How Can be Write Articles of About 1200 Words.
I Know it’s not an Easy thing to do especially if you are a Beginner. But You have to Write If you wanna get on Top otherwise your Competitors will Never Let you go on Top with Short Articles.

So for Writing 1200 Words Articles I have a Simple Method For Beginners. You have to start With 400 Word Articles , When you get Some Experience in Writing , then Increase Word Count 500 , then 600 and then increasing By 100 till you are Able to Write 1200 Word Posts. with Every Article you will Observe that your Writing Skills are Improving . That’s the Point Behind My Method as More you Practice, More You Will get Better in Writing.

Note:- Don’t Over Try to Write Long Articles as Quality is Also a Crucial Factor. Keep the Article Length on a Limit where you can Maintain Quality of it also.

#3 Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

Build Sites that are Easy to Navigate through. I have seen many websites which doesn’t say what they are sharing , People Find it difficult to find Main Content , Popular Content , etc.

If Your Visitor Finding it Difficult to Navigate through the Site then Search Engine Robots Will Also find it Difficult.
All Search Engine Robots are Like Human’s , they Crawl through Website Like Human’s. Read More About Search Engine Here :- How Search Engine Works?

So Keep Your Site Simple and Attractive that will Show Visitors the Full Content.

Backlinks are Most Important in Search Engine Rankings. In the Past Number of Backlinks Site have , Higher it will Rank in Search But Presently All things have changed.
Rankings are Not Determined on behalf of Number of Backlinks But Determined on Behalf of Quality and Relevancy of Backlinks.

Suppose You have a Website on “SEO Tips” then you have Get Backlinks from Similar Niche’s. Otherwise Un-Relevant Backlinks will Harm Your Site.

Read How to Build Backlinks :-

#5 Build Social Media Crowd

Social Media is Must to Use in Online Marketing. Main Social Sites Like Twitter , Facebook has Lots of Audience. Now it’s the Best Time to Connect With that Audience and Build Some Trust of Your Site among that Audience. It Will Not Only Create Social Media Crowd for Your Site but it will also Get you Lot of Traffic for Your Site.

It is Proven by many webmasters that Social Media can drive Similar Amount of Traffic or even more than Search Engine. It’s All About Building Good Reputation Online through Social Sites by helping Others and Making Relationship .

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In the Conclusion Google Panda Only Wants Websites to Provide Quality Knowledge to Visitors. They Don’t want any Spam Website to Remain on Top with Any Bad Methods. So if you are following these Above Given Methods and writing Good In-Depth Content then Google Panda will have Nothing to do with your Site. Actually, it Will Reward Your Site if it has Better Content than Other Sites with Similar Topic.

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