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Everyone using internet wants to Make money Online. One way or another way, all of them try their best to generate income.  But only few get success in doing so. Because the majority of them, don’t get a perfect platform or company which can provide them the formula of making money. So, here we are explaining one of the best ways to generate money. That way is Mylikes which we will explain below.

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What is Mylikes?

Mylikes is a Social advertising website which provides Publisher’s (user’s) to Share The Content of advertisers on social websites and Make Money. It is one of the only few websites who allow you to make money using Social Sites. You can share images, videos, links on your social profiles and when someones clicks on them, you will get money. So, it is not a difficult way, if you have many friends, likes or followers on your social profile or page.


How to Make money with Mylikes?

Mylikes Pay by Cost-per-click method which are decided by advertiser’s.The only thing you have to do is that choose a high paying product and share it on your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Profile and you will earn per from per click on your link. But before doing that you need an account on Mylikes. So below is a step by step guide which will teach you “How to create an account on Mylikes“.

#1 Open and Create an Account as a Publisher.

#2 You can Sign up using your Email or your Social Profile. If you are using Email to Sign up, then, you have to fill Email, Full Name, Password, and Username correctly.

#3 Once Registered. you can Log in to Your Account using your Username and Password.

#4 After Logging In, You need to connect your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Accounts with Mylikes and then, you need to select categories of Advertisements you want to show on your social profiles.

#5 Now, Select Any payment system (PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards or Bank Deposit)

Now, You are almost done. Now i will explain How to make money with Mylikes?

There are three ways to earn money with mylikes.

#1 A blog or a Website

This is very effective to make income because you can install a widget on your blog which only takes few seconds and then, start earning money from mylikes through traffic of your blog or website.
You can use Mylikes widget with any other Ad network because it is compatible with majority of Networks.

#2 Through YouTube

This could be a great way to earn money in the present world because most internet users are interested in Videos instead of text or images. So, You can earn by showing Ads on YouTube videos. But those Videos must be related to the Advertisement and also it should be created by You.
Also You have to mention in the description that the video is sponsored.

Now, Question Arrives “How much you can earn from Videos?”

If the Rate of Ad is Good, then, you can earn anywhere from $20 to $50 from approximate 1000 views. It May vary according to the prices set by the Advertiser.

#3 From Social Media Sites

This can generate huge income if you have huge followers or likes. You only need to create an Ad link and then, share that link as a post or tweet at social sites like Twitter and Facebook. But Remember to keep a close eye on views and number of clicks on an ad link.

Some Tips to Increase Earnings at MyLikes:-

1. Use Hashtags

You can use very popular Hashtags on Facebook or Twitter while sharing Ad link because it will make post search engine friendly. But Remember to use only related and relevant Hashtags.

2. Increase likes and followers

You can work on your social profiles to get more friends, likes and followers because it will generate more income due to increase of reach.

3. Follow Instructions carefully

You may get a lot of instructions from advertisers or Mylikes which you need to follow to get income because there are many advertisers who don’t their ads to show at some specific region, Audience, platform or place.

4. Use YouTube Effectively

YouTube is the biggest Video sharing site. So, you can use all millions of users using YouTube daily to generate huge income. Try to get more subscribers in your YouTube Account can get you High earnings.

5. Avoid Spamming

You may need to get more income, but this doesn’t mean that you start sharing a lot of AD links at social profiles. This will make your Audience run away from you. So, always mix AD link with real natural posts to avoid spamming.

So, here is the end of this Article. I think it explains everything about Mylikes. If you still have any question in your mind regarding Mylikes, then, don’t feel shy to ask via comments. Also Don’t forget to share this Article on Social Networks.

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  1. hiiiiii I am already join i am confused how to start doing work in mylikes?
    the Social Publishers compangin not show me is show to me only for(Go to to Share Galleries!)what does mean?so i am confused .
    please help……..

  2. I logged in into and I see, “You have no promotions to post at this time. Please check back later.” What does that mean?

    1. Is it showing in the campaigns section? or on the dashboard?
      I think you’re in Posts section. You need select Campaigns>> see campaigns on >> Then you will forwarded to campaign section where you can select your favorite things to share.

      If still problem persists, Contact Me you contact page, I will solve.

  3. Manage external accounts tab is Removed from MyLikes .So Now you can Not connect to tumblr and WordPress account.
    But You Can Connect Youtube,twitter and Facebook Accounts in “SETTINGS” Section.

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