How to Increase Domain Authority? – A Complete Guide

How to Increase Domain Authority? - A Complete Guide
Hey Folks, Welcome on OnlyLoudest. Today I am writing on a very common topic among bloggers, it is Domain Authority. I think the majority of you know about this. It’s a new way to determine websites authority. I will explain everything in the article including my best ways to increase domain authority. I will only provide you valid tricks and tips which worked for me over the period of the last few months. But before moving to the tips, let’s take a look at the DA of OnlyLoudest.
domain authority increase

As you can see, DA 33 and PA 43. So, it’s time to get some knowledge. Oh ! Yeah ! So, that, you can also improve DA of your blog.

What is Domain Authority ?

Domain Authority is Term Used by Moz to Calculate Site Trust and Popularity in search Engine. It Depends on Many Different Factors. There are 40+ Factors that Mixed Together to Predict the Performance of Website in Search Engine.

Domain Authority Can be used to Compare One Website with Another as it provides very accurate metrics. You can easily beat your competitors using these metrics. You must have seen many High DA sites are ranking well in search engine. So, it might be a good replacement to Google’ Page Rank. Although DA doesn’t effect websites ranking directly. But it is a common sense that, High DA sites must have some good quality backlinks, that’s why their Domain Authority is high, which means they will rank high in search engine. So, no direct benefit, but indirect benefit.

When it comes to accuracy, Moz has different metrics like Moz Rank, Moz Trust, Page Authority which are totally related to DA. In simple words, Moz is really serious about these algorithms that can determine the accurate authority of any site.

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How Moz Determine Domain Authority?

There are 40+ different factors which come under inspection when Moz calculate DA of any Website. They scan each factor very closely, including minor factors like Loading Speed also. So, 99 times out of 100 , DA gives most accurate impression about any website.

How to Check Domain Authority?

It’s Easy with Open Site Explorer and Moz Browser Toolbar. Both Allows User’s to Check Domain Authority . Additionally, these tools Provides More Information About MozRank , Page Authority, Number of Links , etc.

How to Improve/Increase Domain Authority?

#1 Improve Site Structure

Site Structure plays an important Role in Any ranking as Your Website Must Follow Below Given Steps:-

  • You need to create an easy site structure. So, that user can navigate to every part of the site without any difficulty. Use sidebar section to provide the latest news to your visitors.
  • Reduce Size of your Web Pages to Make them Load Fast. User Might Not wait Longer than 10 Seconds for website to Load. So Compress coding , Reduce Images Size to Decrease Site Loading Speed.

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  • Interlink Posts With Each other Using Text Links. That Will Not Only Reduce Bounce Rate but Also Improve User Experience. Also, it will pass link juice to all posts improving ranking of your whole website. You can Interlinking of this post as an example.

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  • Show Related Posts at Bottom of Every Article to make Visitors Spend more time on your site.

related posts

#2 Increase Social Buzz

Social Networking Sites are the best place to turn your normal website into a big brand and get Some Trust of Readers.
Top Social Sites Like Twitter , Facebook , Google+ , Digg , Pinterest , LinkedIn , Digg , StumbleUpon , Provides lot of Genuine Web Traffic, So Don’t Miss out on that.

  • Create Social Pages of Your Websites to Increase Brand Awareness. Update Those Pages Frequently With Unique Content.
  • Don’t Copy Paste Links on your Social Pages like Spam. Do it Professionally, Write About 100 Words and then Provide Read More at Bottom with your Site Link.
  • Promote All Social profiles on Your Website and also Include Social profiles on your Guest Posts.

Must Need WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing

#3 Superb Content

I think this Topic is an Old one Because Every Person Knows that “Content is always King”. Google Already Cleared that Good Quality Content Will be Rewarded No Matter when and Where it is Shared.

  • Research Deep on a Topic that Suits Your Niche and Write Detailed Content.
  • Always Look to Find Unique Ideas to Write.
  • Find Evergreen Topics to Write Something Extraordinary so Your Article Would Remain Popular on Web Forever.
  • Don’t write Best Content only for Your Website. Also Write some similar Quality Articles for Guest Posting because it will Increase Readers base, because the place where you are guest posting already have many permanent readers. So, many of those readers will come to your site after reading that tremendous guest post. And also, it will pass huge link juice to your blog, and also, some Domain Authority.
Build Some High Authority Links from Top Authoritative Sites. Just think, you are building a House with Large Steel Pipes , Hard Bricks , Bullet proof Glass. Don’t take it serious, its just an Example, basically I am trying to tell you that, Your work should be permanent and your backlinks should have the power to boost your ranking and then keep it there forever.
  • Guest Post on Authoritative Sites to Build Backlinks. As I already told you that, it will pass maximum juice to your blog. But make sure, you post on High Domain Authority sites, to avoid any low quality links.
  • Increase Links With Forums , yahoo Answers , Blog Commenting. Frankly talking, I love commenting and it is a big factor OnlyLoudest’s DA. I love reading articles and then commenting. So, in that process I get many high DA links, no matter dofollow or nofollow, when it comes to domain authority, both are counted.
  • Ask For Links from your Close Friends on Web having sites in the same niche. But make sure those sites have good DA.
  • Connect with other Bloggers in the Same Field to Provide them Top Content so they can give Vital Link to your Site.


#5 Love Relationships

Relationships are Always Important in Everything in our Life. So Build Some Online Relationships with Fellow bloggers. Help Newbies in this Field and Also Build Some trust Among them so they will Always want forever Relationship With You.
  • Share Others Content after Reading and Also, Provide Some Feedback to Gain Trust in a relationship.Then they will Also Share your Content.
  • Provide Some Credit Links to other Websites if you Have Learned Something from those Sites. Doing this will Impress Established Webmaster and will Help you build Relationship.
  • Solve Problems of both Beginners and Medium Learners to Make them Fall in Love with Your Site.

#6 Domain Age matters

This is a key factor included in Domain Authority, You will get high DA once your domain becomes older and you can’t do anything here. The only thing in your hands is that, you can buy Old domains with good DA if you are a new webmaster. But if you already owned a website, then, you need to go all above given steps to increase domain Authority.

Final Verdict:-

So, these are the main factors that can help you increase DA, but remember, don’t put too much emphasis on it. Just focus on increase blog traffic by posting Good content at short intervals. You can also do some other things like, increasing content quantity (Keeping quality in mind) to help you improve Domain Authority. So, here is the end of this Guide. I hope you will find it helpful. Don’t forget to give your views in the comment sections.

  1. It’s really important to increase Domain Authority to track your performance. This post is really helpful with your infographics in it. You just explained all the important stuff about the importance of Domain Authority. Indeed, quality content is the bread and butter of every SEO strategy.

  2. Link velocity is the key to maintain as well as grow the DA of blog.


    -Ravijit Chavda

  3. Excellent post. I have recently launched two blogs and worried about its low Domain Authority. Your tips are really helpful. I shall follow them to improve the ranking of my sites.

    Thank you very much.

  4. Very Useful Article Bro..!!
    I started My new Blog so, I think it is very helpful for me.
    Thanks For Sharing It.

  5. Hello Atinder,

    Well, every blogger increases their DA & PA with the passage of time, but the most significant thing is they are aware which strategies are handy in this regard. You have shared with us some excellent tips which are fruitful to increase Domain Authority effectively.

    Many thanks for quality share 🙂

    Keep writing



  6. Hello,

    Great Post Indeed!

    But recently I have heard that, the algorithm used by Moz to calculate Domain Authority is dying and giving many false results. Many bloggers are saying that, blogs Penalized by Google has High Domain Authority.

    So, My question is, Is it correct that, DA is dying? or it is just a to keep spammers away from Domain Authority?

  7. Really impressive stuff. For one of my client, I need to work on improving their DA. After going through these steps, my mind is full of ideas on what I need to do on their site correctly to improve their domain authority. Thanks!

  8. its really very useful article for me and i am waiting for such an informative article

  9. I can see most of people are giving more importance to DA over PA these days. So, I had decided to work on improving DA of my blog. Moreover, I don’t think there will be a PA update from the side Google ever.

    Thanks for share, Atinder.
    Sagar T Rajan

  10. Thanks for yet another informative article, many ppl ty blahat techniques and end up with spamming thier blogs.

  11. Great article man! 😀
    All the points you describe are very perfect but I think forgot something.
    You don’t add this point “regular update your blog” 😉
    This the most important factor !
    Happy blogging

  12. Great share Atinder Bro.
    recently I started a new blog and this tips are going to help me a lot to increase my blog domain authority.
    Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Keep posting like this.

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