How to Increase (Improve) Alexa Rank of your Blog

How to Increase (Improve) Alexa Rank of your Blog
After the Google Page Rank, webmaster gives more Importance for Alexa Rank. Because Alexa is one of the Best website Analytics company on Internet . It provides Rank for all Running website on Internet . Many of webmaster judge your Site or Blog according to your alexa rank to Advertise on your Blog . So, now Mostly newbie and old blogger are trying to Increase Alexa rank by some bad or Tricks , It’s wrong sometimes these tricks affect on your Blog Traffic and will not Rank on search engines in future .
So, today I am going to revel tips for – “How to Increase Alexa Rank ” .
How to Increase (Improve) Alexa Rank of your Blog
1# Install Alexa Toolbar
If anyone Visit your blog from his computer where alexa Toolbar is installed then your Alexa will improve quickly . it’s top best and Genuine Method .
2# Don’t forgot to Claim your site on Alexa , because when you will claim your site then they see your performance properly.
3# Backlinks
Backlinks also plays major role in Aexa Ranking, it is directly proportional to your alexa rank . SO, always try to make Quality Backlinks.
4# Update Regularly
Update is best way to get good rank in few days, so, always be active on your blog to update some important & useful stuff daily of 3 times in a week .
5# Quality  Content
Everyone want quality in every place so, same here alexa also wants quality content to improve your rank . it is also a great secret that always try to write Quality and Unique Content for your blog.
6# Social Share
Always be active on social media Sites and share your post on Facebook, Google+ , Reddit , etc. these site also help you to improve rank on Alexa .

Tips from Professional Bloggers to Improve Alexa Rank :-

Atish Ranjan
Website : TechTricksWorld

To increase Alexa rank, I would like to suggest building better readership. If you have better readership, you get quality traffic which don’t get bounced immediately and stay on your site for longer going from one page to other. This way the average time of users stay on site will increase and hence Alexa rank will boost for sure. Good Traffic is indeed necessary but getting 1000’s of traffic with 80-90% bounce rate might not help boost your site’s Alexa.

So write quality articles, Comment on blogs in similar niche to get your articles noticed. This will surely boost your readership gradually and so is the Alexa Rank. There are many tricks for the same but they don’t last long so go the right way and boost your alexa rank gradually. Better engagement on the site would boost alexa!

Nirmala Shantakumar
Website : MyMagicFundas
Alexa rank depends on many factors. I believe that consistency in blogging like regular posting getting & replying to comments and the in-depth posts with basic information would help to reduce the Alexa Rank of a blog. I am familiar with these concepts and hence I used to write my blog posts with some fundamental information like “What is twitter?”, “What is Social Media Marketing?”, “What is Ultrabook?” and focussing to get more comments & react to them. I also have faith that engagement of visitors with the blog posts and no. of daily page views would support the bloggers to get good Alexa Rank. Other than these factors, claiming a blog in Alexa, , installing Alexa tool bar and having Alexa widget on a blog would help a bit to have an upright Alexa Rank. Besides, I read in some blogs that the organic traffic of a blog would improve its Alexa rank as well.
Harleena Singh
Website : Aha-Now!
Increasing Alexa rank is not difficult.
3 things worked for me:
* good content * good engagement * good social promotion
I did nothing else. I didn’t use any SEO software, though my organic traffic as per Google Analytics is about 30%.
I’d say that –
1) write posts that are useful to people, that they can relate to, and are unique. Also, don’t forget to use keywords.
2) reply to comments on your blog and build an interactive and engaging community, comment on other blogs and build relationships.
3) actively promote your posts on Facebook groups, Google+ communities, and use Twitter aides like Triberr too.


If you do all this, as I did, your Alexa rank will increase like mine did, but gradually. I’ve reached to about 25,000 Alexa Rank in a little over 3 years. Hope this helps all the newbie bloggers.

Abid Omar
Website : AbcdBlogging
Alexa Rank is very popular ranking system for blogs and websites. Alexa Rank will update daily and they calculate the rank based on traffic and other factors. Your visitors want to install Alexa toolbar on their internet browser and you want to put an Alexa Widget on your blog. Your blog niche have a major role in alexa rank. So tech and blogging niche blogs get good alexa rank very should post regularly and write quality contents. Backliinks also help you. The higher backlinks means higher alexa rank. I can make your blog’s alexa rank under 100k with one or two months.
Vipin Pandey
Website : LetItLearn

To know how to increase Alexa rank, first we should know how Alexa work. Alexa only records traffic that is passed with its system. This system would be an Alexa toolbar on browser or Alexa widget on your blog.
Means traffic that come through Alexa toolbars/widget counts traffic on Alexa. More traffic on Alexa increases your Alexa Rank.
If you want increase your Alexa try to get traffic from people who use Alexa toolbar on their browser. Mostly these people are bloggers and techies. We often see higher Alexa rank of blogging niche blogs. Because there is strong community of people who uses Alexa toolbar.
Try to share your blog post with bloggers and techies. You can share your post in some blog post sharing groups on Facebook and Google+. Don’t forget to install Alexa widget on your blog.

Gautam Kumar
Website : ZapWorld

Alexa ranking depends mostly on the peoples who visit having Alexa Toolbar installled on their pc but Alexa is about more than that.One can attain good alexa rank if they update their site on a regular basis and attain a good Social Media Exposure..
Social Media can do magic with Alexa and the right niche with the right strategy can get you a decent Alexa rank.The number of links also matters as links from good directories and Answer and Question sites can also help you great good Alexa.

Waqas Ahmed
Website : LatestTutorial
Actually real formula of calculation is still not revealed by Alexa, but still there are several tricks to boost your Alexa rank. First of all you should focus on building your site on original and unique contents. Secondly verify your website on Alexa and add Alexa badge on your blog. Alexa can be boost by writing review on Alexa and add link to Alexa website. The last and final thing is traffic, you can’t get better Alexa without having good traffic to your website, so it is very important that you should have good traffic from search engine.
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  2. Hello Sanu,

    It is very important for webmaster or blogger to know how to increase Alexa rank and You have mentioned all the best tips 🙂 .Hope this helps out other Newbies like myself.

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  3. Hi Sanu,
    Very nice article indeed. Thanks for sharing such awesome tips to boost Alexa Rank along with expert tips.
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    Soumyakanti Ray

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    Thanks for sharing these alexa ranking tips. Glad to see these experts experience also. Keep sharing such stuff and dominating.
    ~Nitin Singh

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  6. Hey Siddharth,

    Wonderful and very informative post to increase alexa rank.

    Alexa toolbar is the backbone of alexa ranking system. Alexa only counts those visits which are done through browsers which have toolbar installed.

    And the Expert opinion part is more than awesome. Bookmarked this post.

    Thanks. Have a Nice Day!

  7. Wow it is actually one of the finest ways of making the website rank higher. Many new things i have come to know by your post. Thanks

  8. You are not revealing most important fact that writing posts about alexa also helps you to increase your alexa rank. But it is nice and usefull post…

    1. Ashwin, You know Very well about It. And I think It’s not compulsory that if you have any content related to alexa then alexa will increase your rank.

      So, main thing is that Write Quality content and Focus on Drive More and more traffic.

  9. Hlo Sanu Siddharth,
    Thank you for Sharing information about how to increse alexa rank.. very helpful and useful information for me and newbie bloggers…

  10. Nice share. I’m also implementing the exact strategy and it’s working magically. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  11. Our website (belongs to our employer) which gets 3000 to 5000 unique visitors daily but still more than 100K alexa. More interestingly 60% visitors of the site ( comes from Google search ! what to do next to reach less 100k ?

    1. Hello Neha,

      As according to my research you need to increase traffic from Social media too. Because these day alexa is giving more respect for those blogs/sites those are getting huge traffic from social media websites.

  12. Excellent article, thanks for sharing these are good ideas regarding Alexa Ranking. You have written some good points here about Alexa ranking which is very important for a website. For increasing Alexa ranking you can be full time blogger, do guest posting and share your articles in social bookmarking sites and social media sites so if you follow these basic rules, this will get better results
    go here

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