Google Adsense is just like a  Laxmi ( Goddess of Money) now a day mostly bloggers are monetizing their blog/site by using Google Adsense. Because Google Adsense is Pay per click programme . where you get paid when a Visitor click Adsense ads. On your website . You can earn $0.10 to $1.00 it is depend that Advertiser how much pays on per click.
Now, it is time to learn more Besic tips and tricks Increase Adsense Revenue . Lot of Tips are available on Internet buy I am here going to share a verified and Genuine tips to increase earning .
So, better ads. Placement is also play a major role as a Adsense earning booster. It is Genuine trick I was learnt it from Google team and also from my Experience .  

How To Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue by Genuine Tricks of 2014

Size :-

I have tried mostly all type of Ads. Size units and some are best to boost your earning are :-
·  300*250
·  336 * 280
·  728*90
·  160*600

These are best Perofrming Ads. Size unit mostly top Adsense earner are using these Ads size unit and earning good money through better ads. Placement trick.


Yeah! Choosing color is one another important point of Adsense Earning booster . Now a Day visit hate to click on Ads. But we can get click by do Manipulating with Our Visitor . I mean when we choose color as the same background of your blog . then we get more chances to click from User.
So, I like to Blend Ads. Means Blend ads always same as your Blog Background . you need to choose Blend Category of Colors to get better Performance.

Place Ads Between Post :-

Yes. You always need to Put adsense ads. Between Post of your blog . Because it helps you to Get good CTR on your Adsense Ads. I have shared this trick some days ago to know more about it click here .
So, there are the Geniune method to Increase Google Adsense Revenue . It is helpful for every blogger I mean it is too much helpful for a newbie . Try it and For more any doubt you can ask in Comment . 

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