How To ‘Forget’ A Wi-Fi Network In Android

Android devices have gained popularity in different parts of the world. There are lots of people, who are using these devices for different purposes. Some of the people use these devices to communicate with others, while others use it to browse the internet. You can connect your Android devices with different options such as mobile data or Wi-Fi. If you have a Wi-Fi network in handy, then you can use it to meet your needs. To connect your android device, you need to proceed with some steps. It requires proper knowledge about the android device, where you can get the option of Wi-Fi to connect it with the fast and cheap internet connection option.Wi-Fi acts as a stroke of luck. There are so many reasons of using this internet way by people, mostly in corporate businesses, companies, organizations’ and many others. Colleges or schools also use this method. This is because this mode of internet gives the people a chance to get cheap and fast data communication to these little devices in the pockets. Hooking is in a gentle wind.

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How To 'Forget' A Wi-Fi Network In Android

How To Connect Wi-Fi To Your Device?

In order to connect your device to Wi-Fi connection, all you need to do is to have a name and a password in your hands to access it. By typing the correct username and password, you can access the Wi-Fi connection on your Android devices and surf the internet, use the apps or do many other things, as per your needs and preferences.
There are situations, however that you could wish to tell your device to ‘forget’ or ‘not to remember’ a Wi-Fi network. Probably, you might not be interested it in connecting in an automatic manner. If you have allowed it to connect automatically, then when you enter in any of the networks having Wi-Fi installed, you have got indulged into accessing the sites automatically. So, probably, you want to eliminate a Wi-Fi access point from the list of network connections. But you are not familiar with it, how to do this task.

Steps To Follow (To ‘Forget’ A Wi-Fi Network In Android)

This is one of those regions in which Android OS got it wonderful. In order to eliminate a Wi-Fi network from tablet or phone using the Android OS, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:
• Getting started with it, go to Settings option by opening the Main menu of your Android device. After that, you have to open the Wi-Fi section located in the Settings menu.
• The next step to take is to discover the Wi-Fi network you are willing to stay away from.
• Once you find it, you have long press it.
• On the screen, you would see some options in which there is one option, known as ‘forget.’ In any case, if you want to change the password on your Android device, select the ‘modify’ option.
• Select the ‘Forget’ option to remove a Wi-Fi connection from your device.
These steps are all; you have to follow for eliminating a Wi-Fi network on any of the Android devices such as tablets, smartphones or mobiles.

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