How to Find out which Blog is Dofollow and which is Nofollow?

Both Do Follow and no Follow has lot of Importance in Search Rankings. DoFollow Backlinks help us Increase Website Rankings and NoFollow Create a Ratio so Search Engine would not take to many dofollow Links as Spam.

So We Always Make lot of Efforts to Find Authority Blogs to Make Some Comments. But Finding them is Really Hard Work. Specially for New Comers it gets Really Difficult to Differentiate Between Dofollow and Nofollow Blogs. So to Help them we are Writing this Article Providing some Methods to check blogs whether it is dofollow or not.

# 1 Firefox Plugin

Their is a Firefox Plugin or Addon called “NoDofollow” which Enables us to Check Link. This Plugin Provides as Easiest way Because it Needs one time installation and click of Button.

How to Install “NoDoFollow”?

  1. Download this plugin from here:-
  2. You Will have to click Two Buttons Saying “Continue to Download” and “Add to Firefox” on different Pages.
  3. After Installing it to Firefox you have to Restart your Browser in order to use this Plugin for the first Time.
  4. After Restart You have have successfully Installed NoDofollow in your Browser.

How to Use?

Once Installed this Plugin Open Any Website where you wanna check Links and Left Click on Mouse and Select “NoDoFollow”. Then It Will Show Something Like shown in screenshot below.

In this Image Dofollow Links are in Purple Color and Nofollow Links are in Pink Color. So that’s how this Plugin Works. It Differentiates Both Links by Giving then Different Colors(Pink or purple).

#2 Chrome Extensions

Their are some Google Chrome Extension Available which Provides Free Features to check whether Link is Dofollow or Nofollow.

  1. NoFollow Spotter:- It Checks for Nofollow Links by Adding a Pinkish Red Color to them. If it shows No Color on the Links ten it is dofollow. Download this Extension.
  2. Astral NoFollow Checker :- This Plugin Shows a Hover Effect showing “Follow” or Nofollow” when Mouse Hovers over a Link. Download Astral

#3 Online Tools

Their are Some Major Tools Available online to Find Dofollow or Nofollow Blogs.
Below is list of those Tools you can use to find links.

This Tool Allow Users to Find Many Different Blogs. You Only have to Open this Link and then Fill a Keyword , choose Type of Blog you wanna find and then Click Search button.

This Tools Also Works In a Similar Manner. It Enable users to Find Different Type of Blogs Like Intense Debate Blogs , Comment luv Blogs , .Edu Blogs , etc.

So these are Some Methods that Can help you Find Perfect Blogs to Comment and Build Some Backlinks. My Final Advice is to Choose Comment Luv Blogs Because it Gives Some Extra Benefit by showing Recent Post in the Comments which Drives Lot of Traffic.

Note:- Don’t Fell shy to ask Any Questions regarding any Topic in comments. cheers 🙂

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