It is Good if you have Solution for getting any Problem from anywhere , same here in this case . Android is most soled Operating System’s Smartphone where everything is Available I mean A normal person can’t think that what you can do with Android Mobile Phone. Actually which thing is helpful for you then same thing will be harmful for you. As we know Android phone is more highly in price then comparison to a normal mobile phone. As suppose you have currently any android mobile phone than you need to Install some Apps to track them in future . Future planning always we need to do before facing any bad problem in our life with our lovely Smartphone. So, As I said Android have mostly everything so, some apps are available to track your Smartphone or find lost mobile . these are not pre installed so we need to install in your mobile then it will do help us in future :

Best Apps to Find Stolen or Lost Mobile Phone :

How to Find Lost/Stolen Android Mobile Phone ?

#1. AVAST Mobile Security

Avast is one of the top most famous Brand of Antivirus company . Now this is providing total security App for Androids . these helps us to protect our mobile when your Phone will Lost / Stolen you can watch live tracking or control it from any where by login here :- http://my.avast.comit will help you track your mobile it gives complete info & location also . GPS is also enabled in this app . You can download it from here.

#2. Where’s My Droid

As you can judge the features of this app by it’s name . because it is app which helps you to track your phone after missing. But you need to install it in your mobile. Sometimes if you lost your phone in future then it will help you to get back your mobile . you can track your phone by Ring , Vibrate , GPS , etc. SO, to download it click here.

#3.  Prey Anti-Theft

Prey is one another app to track your mobile phone after missing.  You can lock your mobile when it missed & also trigger the Alarm . So, It is also free App at available at Google Play Store .  Download it from here.

#4.Locate My Droid

It also Work same as “Where’s my Droid App”  . but you can track your drive online from anywhere by visiting official website if it’s – and for download there app click here.
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