How To Extend Your Android Wear Battery Life

The Android wear watch is simply amazing watch that you have selected. This gadget is similar to others, such as your Smartphone. There are plenty of features and moreover, you have advanced technology gadget tied at your wrist and it is the best way to flatter around. Just like your Smartphone Android wear also runs on battery and drains. Here are a few tips that can aid you in increasing the battery life you your watch.In the watch software you will find a setting that keeps your watch awake all the time and it is known as dim mode. When you will use this feature you will see things in black and white color because brightness is low. The benefit of this feature is that you can easily see the time and notifications and tapping on the screen and raising your wrist will get the settings back to normal. This feature is a natural battery saver.

How To Extend Your Android Wear Battery Life
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Brightness Of The Watch

Adjusting brightness as default because sometimes in the high brightness it is difficult to see the time. If you head outside in the sun it is difficulties time on both G watch and Gear Live and it is likely that Moto G is not going to make any difference here. If you are working outside or playing, then you will still need to cast a shadow over the watch to see the time so it is better to keep your android wear watch brightness low and save some battery. This will not take too much time.

Utilize Snooze

These watches buzz all the time when you get emails or any other notifications. You can turn off the notifications easily. When this setting is off your watch screen will not light up or vibrate. This way you can easily extend your battery life. If you are expecting important notifications, then get the notification turned back on. This is the similar case with your Smartphone to save battery.

Mange Your Gmail Notifications

If you get three hundred emails every day, then you know what happens to your android watch battery. The bad news is that the emails which are draining your watch battery are crap. There are settings in Gmail, learn to use them and manage your emails in a better way. It is you who are going to decide what show up in tour screen.

Status Of Battery Life

Different people get different benefits from their watches some get eight hours, some six and some just four. If you are among these people, then it is important to find out what is draining your battery at the first point. You might have too many notifications on or brightness on.

These are the few tips that are going to help you in extending the battery life of your wrist gear. There is no doubt that this is an amazing gadget, but to get the most out of it you will need to learn some tips and tricks. These are the few tips that are definitely going to assist you in saving your battery life.

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