Earn Money by selling Ad Spaces on your website

Earn Money by selling Ad Spaces. These Days Every One is Looking to make money Online. But Only Few of them are successful in doing so.
Specially Teenagers Find Lot of Online Programs to Make money but just could Remain Patience.
Remaining Patience is Key to Success Specially Online. Because all these methods will not make you rich over night, you need a lot of hard work and dedication to get success. If you ready, then let’s discus an awesome of of earning money.

Out of All Those Online Money Making Methods is Selling Ad Spaces on Websites.
There are a Lot of Advertisers willing to Buy Ad spaces on Popular Websites Online. Websites Owners can sell those Ad spaces according to Traffic they Have on their Websites. But We have to Think of Having Professional Websites first To Sell Ad Spaces. So we Provided Some Points Below which can help you build a Popular Website and Earn Money Be Selling Ad Spaces on it. Read and follow all points carefully to be successful with this method.

Tips to Earn Money by Selling Ad spaces

  • Firstly, We Need to Have a Good Website. For Having a Good Website We have to Purchase a good Domain Name and then Have to Start a Blog with that Domain Name on Blogger or WordPress.
  • After Starting Blog on Blogger we have to Produce Good Quality Content for Some period of Time.We Recommend 3 Months of Regular Blogging for having Decent Traffic.
  • Once Our Website gets Popular Among Visitors and Start Getting Regular traffic from Search Engine, then It is a Popular Website.
  • Now we also Want Good Google PR. For that we have to Build Quality Backlinks for our Site from other Relevant Websites. But remember Always Go for High Quality Links Because Google Uses Advanced Algorithm Named Penguin which Assigns Penalty to the Websites having Bad Backlinks from other Websites or having unrelated Backlinks from Ir-Relevant Niches.
  • Now , Keep Updating Content of Website for Constant High PR in Google Rankings and that will Attract Advertisers.
  • After Having Blog Page Rank 2 or Higher in Search Rankings we can start Selling Ad Spaces on our Blog. To do so We can Sign up For Ad Spaces Buying, Selling Network Named BuySellAds.
  • BuySellAds Ad Network is one of the Best when it Comes to Selling Ad Spaces on Websites. They have a Bunch of High Quality Advertisers who are willing to Pay High Amounts for Buying Ad Spaces on Popular Websites
  • We Can Also Sell AD Spaces Directly by Placing Advertiser Here Banners on our Blogs and by Placing Important Contact Info About Our self so Advertisers who are Interested in Advertising on our Blogs can contact us Directly and Make a Deal with us.
These are the Points one has to go through to Earn Money by Selling Ad Spaces on their Websites. If you have any confusion, then,feel free to ask via comments. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to Get more ways to Make money directly in your Inbox.
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