How to Create, Edit and Delete Labels in Blogger?

Create, Edit and Delete Labels in Blogger. On every platform maintaining a proper structure of your blog is must for ranking well in search engine and also for a better User Experience. For Maintaining a Good Structure, categories is used, which assigns your Blog Articles in a systematic way. So, Visitors of Your Blog can discover your Articles Easily with Categories and also it Provides Related Articles tagged in same category.Additionally Categories also play an important part in different Kinds of Widgets. For Example, Related Post Widget Needs Categories to Find Related Articles. So, You Must use Categories properly to build a Professional Blog. But I have seen many newbies Making a lot of Unwanted Categories which makes their blogs very unprofessional. By the Time they Learn How to use, then, they think to organize them properly.

If You are Using WordPress Blogging Platform then, it will be relatively easy to Edit or Delete Categories if you are an Admin of the Blog. But those who Using Blogger Platform sometimes find it difficult to Edit or Delete Unwanted Labels (Categories). So, to help them, we Created a Step by Step Guide to Create, Edit and Delete Labels in blogger.

How to Manage Labels in Blogger?

1. Creating a label

New Label Creation is the most simplest Thing in Blogger. While Writing a New Post in Blogger Editor, You can Select Existing Label or Create New Label by Writing Label Name in the Right Sidebar Section.

If You want to Create a New label for Multiple Posts, then Open Post Section from Left Sidebar and Select Posts which you want to assign New label. Then, Click “New Label” from Top Section as Shown in the screenshot below.

After Clicking you will be asked to Enter the Name of Label and click “ok“. That’s Done. A New label will be assigned to posts you selected.

2. Editing or Deleting a Label

Regrettably, there is no way to Edit Labels in Blogger But you can Delete Certain label and Create a new one in place old one. This is almost Like Editing.

  • Firstly Select a Label which You want to delete From Right Sidebar Section as shown in Image Above.
  • Then, Select All Posts Under that Label.
  • After Selecting Posts, Click at Label Section in left Side, and Select Same Label which you want to Remove.
  • After this, All Posts will be removed from that label and it will be automatically Deleted.
  • Now, to Assign a New Label to all those Posts follow the Steps we explained earlier in this Article.

Note: – Blogger Automatically Deletes Labels when there is No Post Assigned to it. So, Remember to Remove all Posts from certain Label to delete it.

Safety Advice:-

Always Play safe while doing Editing with Labels on Bloggers. Specially If you are a Newbie and Editing Labels of Multiple Posts at a Single Time. It can really Create Problems. So, I Will Advice to Select Maximum of 10-25 Posts at one Time. That will Not Puzzle all things.

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So this is the End of this Article. I Hope this is Helpful for those who looking to Manage Labels in Blogger . Don’t Feel shy to Comment and Share it on Social Media if you Really Liked it.

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  1. This is a wonderful post and very informative. I will update my labels on my blog and am now more equipped to do it correctly, thanks to your article. Thanks for posting this.

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