How to Create GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT (Hosted) with Youtube

These days blogging is very popular. The Majority of individuals thinks that making money from blogs is very easy. But in reality it takes a lot of hard work and time. So, the majority of those newbie bloggers fails due to many different factors. One of those factors is not getting Adsense account approved. Yes, this is a major factor behind the failure of bloggers. But Why they can’t get the Adsense account approved. There are simple reason behind disapproval. It is due to not fulfilling minimum requirements or rules specified by Adsense team. Most times not having proper blog, insufficient content, domain too new, very little knowledge of blogging are the reasons behind disapproval.So, for them we have a trick to create an Adsense Account (Hosted) which can be used with Hosted Partner sites to make money.

Learn:- What is Hosted Adsense Account

Now, you have an idea that you can use Hosted account for a period time, when you prepare your blog. Suppose your blog takes 6 months to fulfill all requirements for Full Adsense Account, then, you can use hosted one for 6 months to make a supplementary income by using it on YouTube, blogspot, Hubpages or any other partner site.

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Now, I suppose you got all things cleared. So, Here we need to get a YouTube channel first and then, apply for Hosted Adsense through that Channel.

How to Create a Google Adsense Account:-

1. Click At “SIGN IN” After Opening Homepage Of YOUTUBE

2. Now, You will be forwarded to the Login page of Google.

A. You Can create a new account here By clicking at “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”
B. You can Login to Your Existing Account with your email and password

A.  After clicking at “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” you will be redirected to a new account creation page, where you can create your new account.

Then You will be redirected to Profile photo page which You have to skip By clicking at “NEXT STEP”. And then, You will Be redirected to a confirmation page where you have to Click On “BACK TO YOUTUBE” to go back to the YouTube website.

3. Now, Click At “MY CHANNEL” to edit Your channel.

4. You will be redirected to page where you have to select the username and name of at “CREATE A USERNAME”  then select a suitable username for your channel and You are done..

5. To Enable Your Account for Monetization(Make money) Click at ” YOUTUBE SETTINGS” >> “VIEW ADDITIONAL FEATURES”.

6. Now, You will be redirected to Monetization page. Click “Enable“.

Click at “ENABLE MY ACCOUNT“>> “I ACCEPT” to enable ads on your videos.

7. You have successfully enabled ads on your channel, but still don’t have connected your Adsense. So, now You have to connect your Adsense account OR if you don’t have Adsense, then, You can apply for the account with your YouTube channel.

To connect Existing Adsense or To create a new Adsense, click on the link given below:

Now, click at “NEXT“.

8. Then,You will be redirected To Adsense, YouTube association page.

Where you have to select whether you want to create an Adsense account with your email with which you have created a YouTube channel OR Create an Adsense account With Other Google account OR Create a New account For Adsense.

(Recommended-Use a different personal account)

9. Now, You will be forwarded To the association page where you have to select whether you want to sign in to your existing account and create new Adsense account with your existing account OR Create a full New account.

Select Your Choice and Fill in all details correctly and click “Submit my Application“.

Note:- Your Application for Hosted Adsense will approve within 2-24 hours.

After Approval you can start making money by showing Ads on Hosted sites. But if you want to get upgraded to full Adsense, then, read below given Article.

  • How to Upgrade to Normal Adsense Account Quickly.

So, this is a simple trick to get approved Adsense Account Quickly. If you have any Questions regarding this Article, then, Ask via comments.

  1. Thanks Atinder for this great article… Its the easiest way to get adsense.. It hardly takes 3-4 hours.. Keep sharing such useful info.. cheers

  2. it is work some day ago, but now it is not work. i create some account but dont show add my blogsite. please you help me something

    1. Tell me the Address of your Blog and did you have Adsense account approved from YouTube?

    1. It Will Show Ads only on Hosted sites like YouTube, Blogspot, Indiastudychannel, Docstoc, etc.
      But you can upgrade to full adsense account after creating a hosted adsense account with YouTube. Read:- What is Hosted Account and How to Upgrade to Full Adsense Account

    1. Yes Md Rajoan this trick is still working, but Now you will only get Hosted Adsense Account with Trick.
      I Will Update this Article within Few days with full details.

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