Suppose you have written a unique post from the bottom of your heart and Publish on your blog. After publishing you want people to appreciate your work, but what happen, Only a few are coming an reading your content, others just scanning. You feel very bad when this happens.
This story is a real on many bloggers who lose hope when there are no Comments, no likes, no shares for appreciation of quality content. So, did you ever thought, why this happening to you? Does your Article lacking quality? May be not or may be yes.

It could be anything that’s making people scanning your content instead of reading. But don’t worry, in this Article your all problems will be solved. You will get all basic tips to convince People Read your Content. But before learning the solution, we must know the reason of the problem.

Why People Scanning your Content?

1. Lack of Time

Most Common Reason of Readers Scanning your Article is Lack of time. In this Modern Era, no one has that time to read the full article, unless it provides some extraordinary information or attractive information.

2. Irritating English and Grammar

You may find many Readers get irritated due to usage of difficult English and grammar which not includes any attractive phrases. So, you need to forget all those things which you studied in your English classes in the School.

3. Long Paragraphs, No Headings

You may also suffered this when you started. Many websites have Long Paragraphs written without having Headings. Those types of content is not easily readable. So, people tend to Scan instead of reading.

4. Lack of Images

As you know images play a very important role in explaining topic top readers. So, Lack of Images can also be a big reason people not taking interest in your Article.

So, these are some mistakes you may be making which using Readers to run away from your content. There may be more mistakes which we haven’t covered here, but we will provide all possible tips that help you engage your users deep into the Content. So, lets start with the Tips.

How to Convince People to Read Your Content

Ways to get More People to Read your Content

#1 Write short Paragraphs

As i said, Longer paragraphs force readers to scan Article. So, smart, short paragraphs are the way to go these days. You just need to explain a topic as short as possible, but also keep in mind that it should not lack any information. Just collect all information and try to write it as short as possible. You can divide Article in many short Paragraphs to make it easier for users to read.

#2 Smart, Attractive Headings

Don’t forget to write Unique and Attractive headings of each tiny paragraph. It will make readers read each line of that Paragraph. Remember not to use long headings, just use two or three attractive keywords which forces users to read.

#3 Add Images

As I told you images help you attract more readers and engage them deeper into your content. You just need to pick Relevant, unique Images for your Article and put under of before tiny paragraphs to explain topic clearly. But remember to Optimize Images before using, otherwise it will slow down your blog.

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#4 Use Text Formatting

Text Formatting (Italics, Bold, Underline) is an another important thing in making your Article attractive. It will also help you rank better in search engine by telling Google which keywords are important. So, use them to put emphasis on important keywords and phrases which will attract readers.

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#5 Never Forget Bullet Lists

Both Ordered and Unordered bullet List can help you create a sequence of important parts of your Article. You just need to include main attractive lines in bullet lists to make it easier for Visitors to Read.

It is also known as internal linking. You need to include relevant links to your Article to Pass link juice and also to engage users deeper into deeper reading. But remember to use attractive Anchor text which will make sure users clicking on it.

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So, these are some ways to Convince people to read your content. I hope this helps. If you have any confusion or questions regarding this, then, don’t feel shy to Ask via comments.

  1. This is indeed an epic content.

    Glad you’ve mentioned why people are just scanning your content. I know it’s really frustrating, especially when you really give your heart to compose it.

    The tips shared above are all wise, valuable and helpful as well to improve your content, and make your readers convinced why they should read, and not just scan your post.

    Write short paragraphs with engaging headings, add attractive images, use text formatting and never forget to use bullet points, and lastly, add relevant links with beautiful anchor text.

    Thanks for this post. I’ve indeed learned a lot! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on

  2. Short paragraphs rock in a big way Sid. So much fun making your posts entertaining, scannable and easy to digest. Thanks dude!

  3. Well, it is always important for a blogger to write in convincing way. This should begin right from the title to the final full stop. Persuasive writing style should be adopted so as to keep readers engaged and want to take action.

    The points shared in this post are in order. Most deal with formatting an article for attraction!

    I have left this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

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