How to Claim Sites on Alexa ?

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a Unique Search Engine that Provides Full Information About Websites. It Ranks Every Website According to Popularity. Alexa Rankings are Important in many Factors as some of Ad Networks Like BuySellAds Counts Alexa Ranking of Website While Approving. Also While Buying Ad Spaces on Websites, Advertisers keep an Eye on Alexa Ranking which Tells Them the Popularity and Traffic of that Website. So this is Simple , Higher the Rankings on Alexa, Higher the Website will Make Income especially from Direct Ads.
Now ,You will be thinking How to can get High ranking on Alexa?

This will depend on many different factors like traffic, Social media Buzz, Number of Backlinks, etc. If you wanna work on it, then, below are some articles which can help you.

For Social Media Buzz:- How to Use Social media sites for Blogging

For Traffic:- How to get traffic to a New Blog

For Backlinks:- How to build backlinks via Blog commenting?, Use Guest posting for Link Building.

But wait, before you try any of the above given methods to increase ranking, you need to claim your website on Alexa. It is very clear that Claimed websites rank higher because Alexa know who more about that website. Now, Go, and do the Job. Wait, it will be a tricky thing to do, especially for newbies. So, that’s why I create this Guide which will help you claim site on Alexa. So, let’s start without wasting too much time.

Guide to Claim Sites on Alexa?

Website Claim Process can be Tricky for Beginners. So they Can Follow the Below Given Steps.

#1 Open and Click “Log in” if you Already have Account OR “Create an Account” if you Want to Create a New Account.

#2 After Clicking on Create an Account Enter Your Email Address and Password. After that they Will Send Confirmation Message to Your Email. You have to Click Confirmation Link by Opening your Email.

#3 After Confirming Account . You will be Redirected to Your Account Page Where You will see these Options. Now Click at “dashboard”

#4 Then on Next Page you will See Something Similar to Screenshot Below. Now Click at ” Add it Now”.

#5 In the Step you Will be Asked to Choose your Plan. Choose “Free Sign Up”.

#6 Now it Will Ask you to Add your Site Link and Click “Continue”.

#7 After Adding Site Address you have to Claim that Site Using one of the Verification Method. Recommended Method is by Adding Meta Tag Verification ID in Head Section of Website.
Meta Tag Will Look Like this:-

<meta name=”alexaVerifyID” content=”You Unique ID” />

#8 After Adding Verification ID in Head Section of Website Click “Verify my ID” and then Click “Continue”.

#9 Now Alexa Will Ask to Enter Some Information About the Site and Owner of Site.

#10 After Adding this Information Click “Save and Continue” and You have Successfully Claimed your Website.

It’s All Done . After Claiming Your Site You can See “This Site is Claimed ” on Alexa when you Open Site.

Now, after completing this process, you can start working on the ranking of your site on Alexa. You can go with the methods I mentioned in the beginning of this Article. If you need any help regarding this topic, then, you can ask via comments.

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