How to Auto Publish Your Blog Posts on Twitter

How to Auto Publish Your Blog Posts on Twitter

Now these days every blogger wants to get more and more huge traffic on your blog from social media sites and search engines. As we all know we can’t do anything to increase traffic from search engines because these all things are always be natural and genuine by Search engine . so, today we will talk on the topic of social media sites and in social media go to > Twitter .

Today lot of social network are available on internet example- Facebook, Twitter, Google+ . as you know very well twitter is better then facebook because on twitter those user are active who have more no. of followers and good looking profile . so, when someone asked me to drive traffic from foreign countries via social network then I always say twitter for suggestion .

Today, I have decided to share how you can connect your blog with twitter using feedburner it means when you will update any post on your blog then automatically your post will share on twitter without do anything . but you need to follow some give points.

blogpost autopublish on twitter

Steps To Auto Publish your Blog Post on twitter :

1.  First of all You need to login your Twitter Account in your browser.
2. Now open Feedburner in 2nd tab of your browser.
3. if you are a good blogger then I think you have many feed in your feedburner account so, select any deed for which you want to connect with twitter.
4. Now you will see some tabs on upper head of new opened page . you need to click on “Publicize” tab .
How to Auto Publish Your Blog Posts on Twitter
5. here left side you will see a Socialize tab. 
How to Auto Publish Your Blog Posts on Twitter
When you click there you will see a new page no need to do anything other click click on “add twitter account” .
6. now you need to give permission for post on your twitter then your account will be successfully added.
These all are few steps to auto publish your blog post on twitter if you feel this is helpful for you then share it on your social media profile to tell this little tutorial for more friends .
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