How Site Loading Speed Affects Rankings

These Days Google Changing their Search Result Algorithms to provide Better Search Experience to their Users by Eliminating Spam and Low Quality Content.
So Every Webmaster is Looking to get High Rank by focusing on Quality in-depth Content , Keyword Relevancy , Backlink Relevancy as they know these are the factors that can help their sites Become Fast Panthers.
But Apart from these Top Factors their is Another one Factor that is very Important in Making site a success. This Factor is “Site Loading Speed“.

The Majority of the Webmasters don’t pay any attention to their Site Loading speed Because it has Little effect on Rankings but never the Less that Little affect can cause Lose of Traffic. So Why we wanna Miss out Doing Optimization for Increasing Site Loading Speed.

How Site Loading Speed Affects Rankings?

Suppose we are searching for our Answer from Some Website but that Website Taking Ages to Load. It Will irritate us and we will Leave the Site by pressing back button  before even site fully loaded. So it also increases Bounce Rate of Website  that could also lead to drop in the Rankings.
Another thing Slow Websites Loose is Revenue. With Slow Loading Speed Websites Lose Users , Subscribers which causes them Revenue. Specially Websites Selling Products can be affected very badly by Site loading speed.

Now , there are Two things in Site Loading : one is how much time our site takes to load 1st byte and another is How much time it takes to Load Full Content including Images , Flash, etc.
If our site Load 1st Byte quickly, then it is very Likely that our site will Rank Higher in Search. So we can increase Speed of 1st Byte of our site and it could be Done But its Not.

As our site Load 1st Byte very Fast but it can take little Time to Load Images and Ads Later which can Cause irritation to Visitors . As our first Goal is to Give Content to our visitors and create a Brand trust. So we have to increase Full Site Speed For our Visitors .

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How to Reduce Site Loading Time ?

Many Steps Can be Taken to Reduce Loading Time of a Website.

Javascript Codes can slow down a Website so it will be a good idea to use Javascript at Footer to let full Website Load before Javascript. This Will Increase Website Loading Speed.

2.  Decreasing Code Size

Code Size can be decreased by Removing All White Spaces , Unused Elements from Coding So it could Load Faster. There are Many Tools Available Online to Compress HTML , CSS , and Javascript Codes.

3. Optimizing Images

Images Can be Optimized by Decreasing Size of Images. Always Use JPEG format with Small Dimensions to Load Images Fast. It will incredibly Speed up Websites. Read:- Tips to Optimize Images for Better SEO to Improve Search Ranking

4. No Redirects

HTTP Redirects can be Minimized to Increase Site Loading Speed.

5. Faster Severs

This could be an Another Reason for Having Problems with Site Loading Speed. Webmasters can Choose Fast Dedicated Servers to Increase Site Loading Speed.

Advice For Beginners?

Beginners in this Field have very Little Knowledge about above given Methods to Increase site loading speed. So they Can choose Responsive themes that are Already Optimized to Load fast. If they are on WordPress then there would be not much problem, but if they are using Blogger then it would Responsive Templates for their Blogs. Search on Google for Responsive Blogger Templates that are Fully Optimized to Load Faster on Google Servers.

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