Wanna Rank High in search?

Yes, Ofcourse you want, but to do that you need to understand how a Search Engine works, then only you will be able o top the rankings. So, let me explain it briefly.

Search Engine Working Guide

Google has various Software called Robots and Spiders that Crawls Websites and Indexes them According to their Quality. One thing we want to understand that Google doesn’t Know about Each and Every site on the web as they only Index website that is Submitted to them through Webmaster Tool or they find link of that website on the already Indexed website.

So what we Understand here is that Google Go from One Link to Another For Indexing and they doesn’t See Web Pages as Human’s So they can Read Only Text Content. They are Not Able to Read Flash Content Like Images , Videos , etc.

There Might be Instanced that Some websites couldn’t find themselves in Rankings Because doesn’t Know about them as they are Never Submitted for Indexing in webmaster tool and Google Never found their Link on another website so it could Run Indexing through that Link.

What are Robots , Spiders and Crawlers?

These are Automated Software’s of Google (Called Googlebot) that Examines Every Website Content and Index it in the Search. These Automated Software’s Goes from one website to Another Using Links.
Suppose Googlebot is Crawling our website and while crawling it find a link of another website on our pages. Then it will go through that link to another website and start Crawling that website. This is the way these Software’s works.

What Search Engines Like?

Search Engines Specially Google Like Changes and Updates. Websites Updating Frequently and Putting Fresh Content on their Pages are most Likely to Get High Rankings in Search.

Paid Search Results are those Featured Listings on Search Engine that Display’s Advertisers Website that have Highest Bid for that Place. Paid Result Could Be very Costly According to Bidding Prices. Bidding Can Rise Higher, according to competition on specific topic and Listing Space.

Organic Search Results are free Listings on Search Engine that are Just Above Paid Listings. Getting these Organic Listings on the 1st Page of Search is what SEO Is all About.

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Page Rank in Google ?

Page Rank is a Concept of Google to give Rankings to Each and Every Website. Google Uses Number from 0 to 10 to Give Rank to Every Website where 0 is Lowest Page rank and 10 is the Highest Page Rank.

How to Increase Page Rank?

Page Rank Can be Increased with Correct SEO Techniques and Regular Updating of Website.
But one thing needed to be Understood here that Lot of Webmasters think do a Lot of Optimizing work for their websites but they don’t see any Rise of Page. That is Because Google Updates Page Rank Once in Few Months so Page Rank of Every Website will Rise Once in 2-3 Months.

Link Juice is what Increases page Ranks of Websites. When one Website having High Page Rank give Link to Low Page rank then Traffic and Page Rank will Flow from High PR website to Low PR website and that website will Improve its PR. That is Also called Link Building from Quality Sites. But Only thing to Take care here is that Websites have to be Cautious about Not Giving Links to bad Websites. They Can Link to Good Quality Websites having Low Page Ranks but Say Big No to Bad Quality Websites.

If you have any question or confusion, feel free to ask via comments.

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