How Important Are Email Subscribers For an E-Commerce Site?

How Important Are Email Subscribers For an E-Commerce Site?
When you see a question like that you wonder if we are going to tell you how important something is why not title it ‘Importance of Email Subscribers for an E-commerce site’. Well the reason is we don’t want to force feed you on the importance of Email subscribers but we want to provide you with enough evidence so that you can gauge the importance.

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The highest Return on Investments (ROI) – 

Yes, all those investments in marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are low yield and come nowhere close to the results that a simple E-mail marketing campaign can yield. The Direct Marketing association published the results of its finding and found that E-mail marketing has an ROI of 4300% much better than other online channels. This means, Email subscribers are much more important for an E-commerce outfit rather than just people who ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the brand.

High Conversion – 

In the same study done by Direct Marketing Association, it was found that 70% of the Email subscribers use the discount coupons and deals that they receive through Email. The conversion that Email brings is much better than advertising or promotion offers done through other channel or vendors. A simple email sent to the email subscribers sets cash registers ringing at most E-commerce stores than trying to ‘reach out’ or bring in customers through other mediums.

New Customers – 

According to a study done by Custora it was found that new customer addition through Email has quadrupled in the last four years and has reached seven percent. The study was done on over sixty eight million customers, shopping at eighty six online stores.

Better Visibility – 

Email is a much better medium for being visible and being in minds of your customers than just posting updates on Facebook or twitter. For businesses, who regularly come up with content on their Facebook profile, know that only nearly 16% of their customers can see their posts and twitter also has a feature where tweets which are not much relevant are not displayed in the tweet feed even though a customer would be following your brand.

Numbers of Clicks – 

Most businesses or brands, who are regulars on social media, feel that they are having a much better reach and click rate but when compared to Email, social media websites tag behind. When a subscriber opts for receiving Email from your company, rest assured they are genuinely interested in knowing whatever offering you are coming out with and most of them will be opening the Email you send them.

Search Rankings are Going to be Tougher– 

Most of the search engines like Google have made changes in how they rank websites, the algorithms being used by the search engine is constantly devaluing the earlier methods which used to work when a potential customer used to type a keyword. There is no doubt that organic and paid search helps in acquiring new business but Email is a much better way in both acquiring new customers and keeping them hooked.
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