Why HostingRaja is One of the Best Hosting Company in India ?

HostingRaja Web Hosting Company in India

You may have gotten through many hosting companies in your blogging career, but couldn’t able to find the best one, as being an Indian, you need to take a look at the cost of the web host as well, because of the fact, the majority of you has a very limited budget.

But while having a limited budget, you look for quality features, which is not possible, or I should say, it was not possible, because there was no top class Indian dedicated web hosting company available.

But that time has gone, Now, HostingRaja has become one of the best Hosting Company in India, providing quality features, well within the range of newbies Budget.

They are just awesome, having a Number of plans available for different kinds of websites having different amounts of traffic. Want to know more? Let’s take a look at the major features of HostingRaja.

Features That Makes HostingRaja, One of the Best

HostingRaja Web Hosting Company in India

#1 Good Performance

Hosting Raja Servers are very good in terms of performance so choosing any plan from Hosting Raja will increase the performance of your website. Choosing hosting Raja as your Hosting Partner will make your website load faster.

#2 Reliable

Unlike other Hosting Providers, Hosting Raja put emphasis on Reliability. Hosting Raja’s servers provide 99.9% uptime due to which help your website to load in few seconds.

If you want more reliable hosting as well as popular one and you live outside India, then I will suggest you SiteGround Hosting. So, now, solution is available for all kind of customers, for Indians looking to cheap reliable hosting, Hosting Raja is a good choice and if you are not from India or want popular, but still very reliable hosting, then SiteGround should be your choice.

#3 Unlimited Hosting

All other Web hosting Providers very less features with their Unlimited Hosting as compared to Hosting Raja. Hosting Raja offers following features with their Unlimited Plans ample amount of


HostingRaja Plans

1. Bandwidth

2. Disk Space

3. Emails

4. Domains

5. FTP Account

Hosting Raja offers all this features at affordable prices to their customers.

#4 Wide Variety of Packages

HostingRaja provides you the option to choose from their wide variety of Hosting Plans. They have designed these packages considering the need of a different kind of customers. Some might need shared hosting with limited Disk Space and Bandwidth, whereas some will look to have unlimited features in shared hosting.

Similarly, There are different kinds of customers who need VPS hosting, WordPress Hosting, or Reseller Hosting, They all can easily find the pack on HostingRaja, which will meet their needs.

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Now, It’s time to Grab HostingRaja Hosting

Being an Indian, I consider HostingRaja as one of the best in this business in India, So, you should pick your Hosting Plan from HostingRaja Now. Hurry Up! Rock the Online world!

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  1. Some of my clients have used HostingRaja in my past and I can say, it is one of the best in the business. So, brilliant Review done by OnlyLoudest Team.

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