The beauty market is flooded with many expensive scrubs to exfoliate your skin and freshen up the skin. Exfoliating your skin removes dead cells from the skin to make your skin soft. You can make your scrubs at home without wasting so much money on facial scrubs available in the market. We can prepare scrubs at home by using materials present in our kitchen like sugar, coffee, green tea, salt, etc.

Sugar scrub has moisturizing properties. They are easy to prepare and do not have any side effects on skin because no harmful chemicals are used to make them. They are very cheap. The salt scrub is not good for sensitive skin. Instead of using salt scrub, sugar scrub is the best option as sugar is sweet and it does not create irritation in your skin.

Sugar scrub hydrates your skin. The homemade sugar scrub recipes are very basic. They are money-saving. Below are few homemade sugar scrub recipes:

How to Make Homemade Sugar Scrub

1) By using sugar, coconut oil, and honey

Mix 3 spoons of sugar with one spoon of coconut oil and one and a half spoon of honey. Stir it until all ingredients are soaked. Store it in a jar. You can also experiment will another type of oils like almond oil, olive oil etc ..Exfoliate your skin before shaving.

2) By using sugar, lemon and oil

Combine sugar, lemon, and oil. You can also add coloring if desired. Exfoliate with this scrub and put the leftover scrub in a little jar for further use. Try using brown sugar as it is softer than white sugar.

3) By using sugar, banana and pure vanilla extract

Smash all the ingredients together with a spoon. When you are in the shower,  apply this mixture and gently massage over your skin. For face avoid eyes. This scrub makes your skin smoother than ever.

4) By using sugar and mint

This scrub is for your lips. Blend olive oil with superfine sugar and peppermint. Regular sugar can also be used here. Massage your lips with this scrub. This is a very good treatment for your lips to make them soft. Do not lick your lips.

5) By using sugar and tomato

This type of scrub is amazing for your skin. Mix slice of tomato with sugar. Slice of tomato act as a buffer for your skin

6) By using sugar, chocolate, and almond oil

Mix almond oil, cocoa powder and loosely packed brown sugar in a bowl with the spoon. Your scrub is ready to use. All you have to do is to simply rub it on the skin and wash it. You can also use it on your lips. The remaining scrub can be stored in small containers or jars.

7) By using raw sugar, apple pie, almond oil, and brown sugar

Mix all dry ingredients in jar. Add oil. Mix well with a spoon. Your scrub is ready to use.

8) By using sugar, ginger, coconut oil

Heat ginger with coconut oil in the pan for 4 minutes over a medium flame which will allow the ginger to mix completely with coconut Strain it. Remove remaining ginger. Mix coconut oil with almond oil and sugar. Mix well. Store it in a container and cover it with a lid. This is very good for the skin.

These homemade sugar scrubs reduce ageing, skin dullness, increase blood circulation, prevents acne, blackheads. Scrubs help you to have younger-looking skin and tightens the pores of the skin. They remove excess oils from our skin. It also increases the flow of oxygen. They a very pocket-friendly skin protects the body from external heat and cold. So stay healthy, which enhances your self-confidence. I do use these homemade scrubs. It’s time for you to try them and don’t forget to give your reviews on this.

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