Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Professional Social Media Posts

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Professional Social Media Posts

Nowadays, people get actively involved in a blog posting. It’s an interesting activity, which provides a chance to express you, help other people with a good piece of advice, and even earn money. The best way to reach the targeted audience is to post on social media. If you want to make your posts noticed by other people on social media, you should know how to write posts.

Millions of people throughout the globe spend many hours on social media. They hang on such platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. People look for different kinds of fun and entertainment. However, many of them want to find answers to some important questions. This is when bloggers should take advantage of and offer their professional writing help services online. They can investigate some troublesome areas and find proper solutions. Thus, online users will know about them and will be thankful. Of course, you ought to be sure that your post is of the necessary quality and is offered correctly.

Set a Goal

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Professional Social Media Posts First of all, you should identify your mission statement. Some people promote their business platforms. The others write helpful posts to help other people. Both purposes allow for earning an army of followers and increase income. Therefore, make sure you understand your purpose and build your strategy.

Know Your Audience

Once you determine the goal, seek the audience. You should clearly realize who your targeted audience is. If you promote your business and sell smartphones, you should look for groups and communities that are related to this direction.

If you post useful blogs, seek people who may be interested in your services. For example, many people are fond of travelling. Create a blog that provides useful tips for all situations, which may occur while you’re on a trip. Advertise your blog on social media so that users learned about it.

Find Your Tone and Voice

When people go to your posts, they expect to find something meaningful and concrete. That’s why you should establish your tone and brand voice. Your tone may be:

  • Useful;
  • Funny;
  • Serious;
  • Authoritative, etc.

The voice may be:

  • Professional;
  • Educating;
  • Irreverent, etc.

Your tone and voice will be the distinguishing factor. Users will get used to them and will instantly recognize your posts because they already know your unique style.

Have a Plan

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Professional Social Media Posts

The next step is to make an outline. It should include all the points of your social media post writing, which are:

  • Topic;
  • Relevant facts;
  • Introduction;
  • Main plot;
  • Conclusion;
  • References;

As you can see, blog posts are similar to essay writing. They contain the same stages and thus, it’ll be easier to fulfil them properly.

Gather Evidence

You ought to turn into a true researcher. If you want to be popular and respected, offer your readers only approved facts. Surf the Internet and libraries. Find officially confirmed evidence and use it in your posts. The evidence you intend to use should fully reflect the purpose of your writing.


Before you post your article, always write a few copies. The more drafts you write, the more chances you have to spot some mistakes and weak parts. The first draft will be a sketch that contains all the ideas you’ve generated. The second one underlines the most effective guidelines. Write at least two drafts to be sure you’ve managed your task properly.

Structure Your Text

Make your text readable. To ensure that, write short and plain sentences. Imagine that you write to the 8th graders who require plain explanations. Thus, you won’t stuff your text with unknown and complex terms. To make it more vivid, add subheadings, bullet and enumerated lists, graphs, charts, etc.

If you struggle with this part or any other, you may use professional help. Our professional experts can help students and bloggers to create posts of the top quality. They offer the best writing and editing services to cope with whatever obstacle you face. 

Use Active Voice

Give heed to the grammatical voice of your posts. Stick to active voice because it is more powerful. Besides, it doesn’t take as many words as the passive voice. It’s better to write:

  • We have achieved success.

Instead of:

  • The success was achieved by us.

The choice is obvious.

Cut Out Junk Sentences and Words

Make sure you don’t use unimportant words and sentences. Your content is supposed to be relevant and follow a concrete goal. Don’t write meaningless sentences, which don’t belong to the topic of your article.

Another essential tip is to avoid uncertain words like “perhaps” or “maybe”. When you use such words, your readers don’t actually believe that your recommendations are effective. Show the confidence and replace them with stronger words like “surely”, “definitely”, “guaranteed success”, etc.

Edit and Proofread


Always reread your posts or you may bring your projects to ruin. When you revise every draft, you detect different mistakes. It’s a good chance to fix them and not be ashamed. No one wants to read articles full of childish mistakes. Therefore, edit and proofread every article several times to be sure it is perfect.

Make use of these tips. They are universal and effective to create the most impressive blog posts on social media. Make a plan, set objectives, write a couple of drafts, revise, and improve your writing. After everything is perfect, post on your page and attract thousands of followers.

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