5 Times Google Penalized Itself For Breaking Its Own SEO Rules

5 Times Google Penalized Itself For Breaking Its Own SEO Rules
When Google rolls out updates to it’s new algorithm that effect on Search result and some time that is also effect on our blog/website’s ranking and we loss our traffic from search engine.  And  some time in your past your have done lot of SEO mistakes on your blog/websites then you will really penalized by Google algorithm . And we are going to bust the myth today by demonstrating some instances where Google has been hit by Own Penalty for Bad SEO.
So, Here I am listing those time when Google took action against itself.  :-
5 Times Google Penalized Itself For Breaking Its Own SEO Rules

#1. Google AdWords & Cloaking

Someone at Google had Hidden content on the Pages in a way to help those using Google;s own internal search tool . Then They Changes were seen by Google’s Main Search engine , they were against the Google’s Policies, Guidelines . After this Google removed lot of pages from his index . SO, It’s was done on March 2005 . And  this was cloaking lot of pages on Google index. So, in this Case Google Penalized it self.
In, 2009 Google Japan was admitted to buying paid links to help promote Google widget. So, according to Buying Links violence this was Against to Google’s Guidelines .  when  Google’s Spam team seen these changes on Google they Dropped Page Rank from PR 9 to PR 5. Google Japan was recover this after 11 Month .

#3.Google Adwords & Cloaking (Again)

In, July 2010 . Google Caught AdWords help pages doing the same mistakes of cloaking content .  So, Google Penalized it self again in the same cases . they Ranking degraded from Search Engine.

#4. Beat That Quote

In, March 2011 Google was acquired the financial service . It was discovered that the service had been buying paid links, which is against Google’s Guidelines. So, When Google discovered the problem , a penalty was immediately imposed which listed two days. Then Next day It was applied again. SO, this was in March 2011 again in according to Violence – “Paid Links” . Ranking was degraded and no longer made first page of own name .
One of the Google’s Big sins is when people buy link sin hope they will generate better Google Ranking . However, Google found it self buying links in January 2012 as part of a campaign to promote it’s Chrome Browser . 


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