Google Deliberately Showing Older Versions Of Its Search Page to encourage browser updates

Hello Readers, It’s been a lot of time since of posted my last article on onlyloudest, but I am back here with an interesting topic. Last week people started complaining about a Bug in Google Forum. The link of that discussion is given below.

>>Google Help Forum Thread

All those Users were complaining about the Older Version of Google search which they are seeing on their browsers. At first, All of them thought, its the Bug which causing the older Version search page to display in certain Web Browsers. And that’s why users gone crazy posting questions about the same topic. Even Contributors thought, it could be the Bug causing these problems.

Older Version Google

But very quickly a Google Employee “Nealem” claimed “There is no such Bug”.  You can read the comment of Google Employee On forum Discussion. I have also Given a screenshot of the comment.

nealem comment about Older Versions Of Search Page

So, this makes it quite clear that Google Deliberately Showing Older Versions Of Its Search Page on Older Browser to Encourage Users to Upgrade their Software. Because some of the latest changes made by Google in its search are not compatible with Outdated Browsers. In Simple words, they can only provide limited support for older Browsing Software’s.

So, Google wants us to stay Updated. Right? But wait?

There were some peoples who were upset by this. So, they decided to continue using older browsers. But one Comment ” Torin Johansen “was very interesting. He responded to Google’s reasoning about showing Older search pages as you can see in the screenshot given below.

Torin Comment on Google

According to this comment, This trick is used to increase Chrome users. But I personally think, You must upgrade to latest software’s. So, you can get high security with latest features. And also you make it a lot easier for search engines and other Big websites which needs latest technology to provide the best user experience.

So, what are your thoughts on the same? Does Google really looking to increase Chrome Users using this trick or they just wanna Upgrade as many users as they can to Modern Browsers. So, they can provide full support and a better search experience.


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  1. Hi Atinder,
    I never really knew about this. Thanks for sharing such a great and helpful information. This will help to get better search result using Google.

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