Best Google Chrome Extensions For Music Lovers

Google Chrome is known as most powerful and fastest Web Browser in the world. They have the most easiest interface, making browsing very easy.  But, did you know the reason of its popularity? Why it is so reliable?
Yes Speed and easy Interface are two main reasons, but apart from them, Chrome Extensions are also playing a major role.  It gives better User Experience and also with so much of extensions available, we can do whatever we want from the navigation bar of the browser.
If you are a music lover, then, Chrome Extensions can enhance your music experience. There are many Extensions available who let you hear music from the Browser. So, let’s begin with the list.

Top Chrome Extensions for Music Lovers

#1 Zazoo

A very well know extension for Chrome. It works with YouTube. You just need to open a Video on YouTube, after than all work will be done by Zazoo.  They also provide a feature which lets you read the lyrics of the video your watching and one my favorite feature which let us sing the song with the video using a microphone.

#2 YOUZEEK Free music

Another popular extension that allows you to hear your favorite music from millions of songs. You can also create your playlist. YOUZEEK also makes sharing easier. You can share playlist with your friends and your family.

#3 MusicTonic

This one is something similar to Zazoo which takes over when you Open any YouTube Video. But it has some extra features like advanced music search, sharing option with friends, etc. They ha most attractive interface. So, a must need extension for your browser.

#4 beatlab

beatlab is something different from above Apps. It lets you create your own music from the zero position. Any newbie can use this extension as it is extremely easy to use. You can also Mix-up your songs with some beautiful sounds. So, the best app to play with music and have fun.

#5 Radio Player Live

If you are a radio lover, then, this app is the best one for you. It just needs a simple install in the browser and then, you can hear your favorite music by just clicking on an icon in the browser. Don’t forget to select your favorite Radio station.

#6 AudioSauna

AduioSauna is used by Million of users, including experts. They have advanced features like unlimited layering, ping-Pong looping, samplers, key range mapping etc. which let you create professional music.

#7 MOG Music

One more extension for Chrome Browser for listing tons of Songs via streaming is MOG Music. It is one of my favorite Apps which let you search songs and enjoy them via live streaming. They provide very high quality audio. It also allows you to synchronize PC to Mobile.

#8 Syndicate Jazz Online

It provides 24 Hour online Music streaming which let you hear music when ever you want. It’s no better App than this one for full online fun.

#9 Infalco Music

One more Extension to have fun with the Music. You can search your favorite song by song name or artist name on YouTube using this App.

So, these are some Chrome extensions for Music lovers. I Hope you like the list. Don’t forget to share this on Social Networks and keep visiting My Blogger World.

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