14 effective Tips to get Google Adsense Approval Fast

14 effective Tips to get Google Adsense Approval Fast

Google Adsense is an Advertising Network allows Publishers to make money from their websites. They have the Highest Cost-per-click Rates. So, they are considered Number one in this Business. But As we know, getting an account from Adsense is strenuous. Many Publishers tried their best, but still can’t get it through. The Rules and Regulations for account approval is demanding.

So, everyone thinks Adsense has some problem or they don’t want to give account, but in reality all those disapproval applications were due to some errors in websites or lack of preparation before applying. So, to help all those, we are providing some basic tips to get Google Adsense approval fast in this article. A quick look at these Tips will increase chances approval incredibly.

Tips to get Google Adsense Approval

1.  Avoid Subdomains, Buy .com Extension

Any subdomains (like Blogspot, WordPress or Weebly) will not help. All these subdomains will get disapproved unless they have a huge amount of traffic. So, only use TLDs (Top Level Domains) for your Blogs. We will recommend to use a .com Domain with the use of unique keywords.

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2. Write Long Descriptive Posts

write long post

In the beginning it could be a difficult job, but it is must for Adsense and also for search engines. We will recommend 500 to 600 word posts, but beginners should try writing at least 400 words because they don’t have sufficient knowledge about any topic. But with some experience, try writing more longer in depth posts.

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3. Make Blog Attractive

In the fashion world, everything needs to be attractive to attract the eyes of visitors. We can say the same thing in case of our blogs. So,you will need a professional design to increase your chances of Approval. You can read many articles online saying Adsense focuses on Blog Designs rather than traffic. So, do some hard work and build attractive Blog design.

4. Reduce Loading Speed

In the past few years, loading speed of blogs was not a big factor, but these days Google give a lot emphasis on this factor. Many popular sites faced a drop in rankings due to high loading time. Similarly Adsense also Approves quick loading sites faster than slower ones.

5. Write Unique


No one Likes outdated content so, write some unique content using latest writing techniques which will not only attracts visitors, but also Adsense Robots which makes account approval easy. Writing Unique is just not only for getting adsense approval it might be helpful for you in building quality blog , sometimes SEO also important for getting good search engine traffic so same here if you write unique and quality content it will rank high automatically.

6. Relevant Content


Relevancy is always important. So, don’t write on many topics. All your visitors will find it hard to solve some problem. You can see from the history of blogging, multiple topic blogs create a bad user experience unless Properly structured. So, Select some main Topics related to your domain and focus on writing about them.

7. Avoid Linking to bad sites

Any type of bad links on your blog makes it blacklisted. So, before linking to any site, make it sure that site is not penalized by Google or blacklisted due to Rule Breaking.

8. Privacy Policy and some other pages

Important pages Like privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer, and about us are must for any Blog. Adsense team also advises to include these pages to increase chances of approval.

9. Avoid Alcohol or any other drug material

Any type of Alcoholic material or any related drug material is not allowed by Adsense. It is against the TOS. So, avoid using any of these on your blog.

10. Copyrighted Content


Many Newbie bloggers tend to copy others content and then apply for Adsense. But this will not work as it is a copyrighted content which is not allowed to monetize. So, Instead of copying someone’s content, write your own. It will improve chances of approval.

11. Avoid other Competitive Ad Networks when applying

While applying for Adsense, don’t use any other ad network. You can use them after Adsense approves your account, but never use before because your application might get disapproved.  The Adsense team doesn’t like websites serving too much ads.

12. Wait for 6 Months


In countries like India and China, Adsense want newbie Publishers to wait for 6 months for account approval. It means your blog domain must be 6 months old. So, if you are from these countries then, never apply for Adsense before this time period.
Note: – There are some cases, where Publishers get accounts approved within a few months in these countries, but those are due to some extraordinary blog designs or Huge amount of traffic.

13. Never use Hate Speech

Any type of hate speech content is strictly prohibited. Adsense team has a strict policy which doesn’t allow any publishers to use hate speech against any religious group, community or country.

14. Gambling content

Adsense allows gambling content only in few countries.So, if your site has this type of content, or some related content, then, Read allowed countries list before applying for an account.

So, these are some tips to get Adsense approval. I hope this is helpful.

If you still have any difficulties in account approval or you want some time to get your blog prepared for an application, then, you can use these Adsense Alternatives for some time to make some income.

If you have any queries related to Adsense then, don’t feel shy to ask through comments.

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  3. The more a blog will be unique and effectively written the more it will deliver the desired results. you have described all that in a perfect way. Thanks for sharing this great info. Really helpful and informative.

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