15 Best GoGoanime Alternatives To Watch Anime


Well, you all might be freaked out completing the same daily chores every day. Chill out and leisure time seems like a Utopia these days where everyone is just rushing out to meet the deadlines. No doubt every individual has his/her own area of interest some might find movies interesting while others like me are a huge fan of anime.

So keeping in mind the craving for Anime we are here with some best Gogoanime alternatives that will make you enter the stunning world of animation.

Coming to the most visited site when sometimes talks of a name that is the very first name that is vomited out is GoGoanime. This site helps the visitor to stream online anime by which they can top up their entertainment routine. Sticking to the same thing for long is boring, isn’t it? 

So here we go!

list of GoGoanime alternatives

Anime Freak

15 Best GoGoanime Alternatives To Watch Anime

Anime freak is the site where you will be getting a lot of anime series and movies. It is a huge platform with millions of users from different countries. It is one of the best GoGoanime Alternatives.

You can surely rely upon it for your weekend plans. It provides you with a huge amount of anime series and movies in HD quality. You can browse your favorite one from the different categories listed here. 

All the content is available for free so that you can watch your favorite content without any tension of expenditure. It is accessible to every user either one is using android or IOS. It is worth using the platform for anime lovers.

Anime Planet

15 Best GoGoanime Alternatives To Watch Anime

Here comes another platform for anime lovers. If you are searching for a GoGoanime Alternative that provides you with legal stuff then Anime-Planet is here for you!

Anime-Planet is absolutely free where you can stream your favorite anime series and movies from different genres. 

One of the most striking features of this site is that it allows users to connect with other users.

It doesn’t ask for any compulsory registration; it is optional. But registered users get the advantage of creating their playlist. 

It is a wonderful GoGoanime Alternative.


15 Best GoGoanime Alternatives To Watch Anime

9Anime is another GoGoanime Alternative to stream your favorite content. It has users from various countries across the world.

It provides you so many anime series and movies that are listed genre-wise here to make your streaming hassle-free. All the content is available in HD quality, which boosts your streaming experience.

 It has a well-designed interface that is very handy to use. It also notifies you about upcoming anime series and movies so that you wouldn’t have to miss anything.

Become 9Anime’s user and have endless fun.

Anime Heaven 

Anime Heaven is next on the list which is one of the best  GoGoanime alternatives to watch. 

Anime Heaven as the name suggests is nothing less than heaven for anime lovers.

It has an interface that is well designed and shows content in slides form. Its home screen is designed like a calendar that keeps you updated with new releases from time to time. One problem with this platform is that it takes a little longer to access.

People who like darkness should try this once as the “Dark Mode” option is available here to make your streaming experience more enjoyable. 

Anime Frenzy

So many outstanding features come with this platform for you to explore. 

It provides you with all the content is the well-categorized form so that you can pick your favorite ones easily. 

If you hate ads then stream here ad-free but with one condition that you have to dig into your pockets to enjoy this fantastic feature. 

Also, besides anime lovers, this platform takes care of people who love to watch Hollywood movies as a lot of movies are available here. The most astonishing feature of this site is its “online chat function” which allows you to interact with other users from various countries. 

I hope this platform does not let your expectations down and guide you to the best.


Another platform for anime lovers who like to stream in legal sites. It provides you with so many anime related content from different genres. 

Crunchyroll is free but its premium offer comes with so many interesting features. 

If you are a premium user then you can stream your favorite anime series and movies free. It gives you early access to all the new upcoming series. It costs you around $6.95 per month and can be canceled at any time. 

One should try this if one is ready to lose his pockets. Become a premium user and get ready to have an amazing experience of streaming.


Chia-Anime is next on the list. Chia anime is also a great platform to rely upon for the best GoGoanime Alternatives.

You can stream your favorite anime series and movies free. It provides you with the option of download so that you can save your content to watch later. 

The most exceptional and wonderful feature of this platform is that you also get access to all the different soundtracks of Animes.

You are going to have one problem that’s nothing but ad popups, which will make your streaming a bit irritating. It also offers a mobile site which makes it more accessible to all users. Overall good platform to have an astonishing experience.

Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime is an interface that provides you with a whole sea of content from a variety of genres. With its ad-blocking policy, you can stream your content ad-free and enjoy it without any hindrance. It has a very easy and handy user-interface.

Kiss Anime cares about its users and allows you to download your favorite anime series and movies to enjoy later.

You wouldn’t have to compromise with quality as all the content is available in high resolution and extremely good quality. So, if you want to explore your anime streaming do visit this wonderful GoGoanime Alternative.

Anime Ultima

If you are a person who likes making new friends then Anime Ultima is a perfect choice for you. It has a chat function that allows you to interact with other users so that you can make new friends and also you can share and binge-watch anime with them.

Content is available in a very detailed or organized manner which makes the selection process a bit easier. It has a calendar that keeps you updated with new upcoming anime shows and episodes. 

You can request for any show or series if not available, which is quite a good feature and makes this platform unique.

Anime Show

This platform has a huge database of anime shows and series. All the content is subdivided which makes it more attractive. One exciting feature of this platform is its “random cartoon button” which on clicking takes you to a random anime on the site. This feature is different but very amazing if you are someone who loves to explore things.

One drawback of this site is that it is somehow difficult to navigate this site. Otherwise, it is a fantastic GoGoanime Alternative to use.


If you are facing any issue in anime streaming just because of the language barrier then do check out this platform. You will be getting all the shows and series in high resolution. Here content is available in multiple languages so that you do not face any problem in understanding your favorite shows. 

It has a filter option that allows you to select your anime in alphabetical order which makes it more efficient and navigable. One problem that you might face here is that sometimes it runs very slow. Otherwise, it is worth using GoGoanime Alternative to enjoy high-quality streaming. 


Another name on the list is Aniwatcher. It provides you with a lot of shows and series from different categories varying from ‘currently ongoing series’ to ‘newly added’.

Although this platform is improving to give you the best anime streaming experience.

It has a well-designed homepage that shows you popular titles so that you can easily pick your favorite ones.

It has millions of users from various countries specifically from the US, Germany, and the UK. Therefore, you must surely try your hands on this amazing GoGoanime Alternative.


Animepahe is an excellent GoGoanime Alternative to take a look into. It has an extremely easy to use interface. It has a search bar in the upper right-hand corner where you can easily find series and shows according to your preferences. 

Nothing to worry about ads, it has very few ads which won’t irritate you much while you are streaming your favorite anime.

You can download your favorite content to watch later and the interesting point is that it is totally free.

It has a huge fan base, users coming from various parts of the world but specifically from the US, UK, and India.


The list continues and the next GoGoanime Alternative for you is Kuroani. Like Chia-Anime it also supports mobile phones and is an excellent platform for all anime lovers. On visiting the site you will find a navigation bar filled with too many options to explore. 

You can select your favorite content according to your preferences by using its filter option and can find what is best according to you. 

It also has a chat function that allows you to connect with other users and share your ratings, reviews, and opinions with them.

This is one of the best alternatives for you to boost your mood and have an amazing experience of animation. 

Anime Lab

Last but not the least, Anime Lab is next on the list. Not like the above ones, it has a very simple and unique design which is very easy to use and you can easily find your favorite content. Too many anime series are available here. 

You can easily download their app and it is available in both android as well as iOS. You are allowed here to stream online at no cost. Just like AnimePlanet and Crunchyroll, Anime lab is also legal to use. Anime lovers should try this at least once. You must try this Stunning GoGoanime Alternative to give yourself some fun doses.


Hope this article would have helped you figure out the best GoGoanime Alternative for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab your Laptop, Get some popcorn, connect to a good network, and start streaming!

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