God told me to kill my mom

In such a bizarre incident, a 29-year-old unemployed UAE man has murdered his own mother by slitting her throat because she was believed to be a witch by him.

Representational image via horror-movies.ca
Representational image via horror-movies.ca

What the issue is?

This UAE man has confessed his crime in the court. According to him, his mother was dealing in sorcery. He found pieces of papers with strange words on them in her room. He tried to stop his mother to work in sorcery, but she didn’t listen to him. Finally he killed her as the God asked him to kill her.

Representational image via olderbytes.com

He slit the throat of her 50 year old mother when she was sleeping in her bedroom. He waited until she fell asleep and then he sat on her chest and covered her mouth with his hand and slit her throat. He left the dead body inside the room and lived a normal life thereafter. After 10 days later, police discovered the body when they noticed the rotten smell.

Representational image via kelvinbella.blogspot.com

Prosecutors have asked for the death penalty for this man. We must say such a strange case. How someone even can think about to kill his own mother???

(With some inputs from 7days.ae)