GigBucks – Micro Job Site help Freelancers Earn Money Online

Do you want to Earn Money Online without Investment? Afcourse Yes, everyone wants, but only few are successful. Especially those who are working with Micro Job sites. Because those sites have too much of competition these days, which makes it very difficult to earn for a normal User. So, After reviewing Donanza, PeoplePerHour,, and, I have again arrived here with another sites which provides Micro Jobs. Now, you have more options to choose from with the addition of this website in your tally. That website is GigBucks.

What is

Gigbucks brings the buyers and sellers close to each other. Freelancers can earn income on this website by placing Gigs which means Tasks. For Example, “I can make your website SEO friendly in $10”. Now, this one is just an example, but Gigs on this website will look like similar.


 How it Works?

As we told Gigbucks creates a relation between Buyers and Sellers. So, In the first step, seller have to create a free account and Place a Gig (task) with full description, including Price. When a Buyer likes that Gig, then seller will be contacted for the work and then the seller have to start working on and Complete the task as Quickly as possible. 

How Much Money You Can Make on Gigbucks?

Now, it depends on your skills. If you are an experienced person with some special skills, then, you can offer a high amount for each Gig. But if you only a newbie, then, you need to start from the bottom and increase earning as soon as you get some experience. So, it totally depends on your how much you can earn from this site. 
Once you complete tasks, money will be credited to your account and will be paid twice in the month when it reach the minimum threshold of $5.

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Tips to Become Successful on Micro Job site – GigBucks 

#1 Unique always Wins

As you know Unique things always do better. So, try to be unique while posting a Gig. It will help you become successful and earn more money.

#2 Avoid grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

While posting any Gigs, you must double check it for any Spelling or Grammar errors which puts really a bad impression on buyers.

#3 Use Exceptional Images

Everyone knows that Images attract more visitors than text. So, always use an eye catching image which will attract many buyers to your gig.

While posting a Gig, always do some research and find out which keywords perform well on that website. So, you can also use them in your Gigs.

#5 Promote your Gigs

Promotion is very important in every field. So, Promote your Gigs using Social media. You can also ask your friends to share your Gigs on their profiles and pages.

Is it Legitimate?

Yes, It is a Legitimate Micro Job site. Gigbucks has a lot of Reputation on Internet specially among freelancers. So, don’t worry about anything, Just go to this website without any hesitation and Earn Money Online.

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