In today’s competitive business world, email marketing plays a crucial role. Emails serve as a channel, connecting business holders with customers. Whether it is about some product, contest or promotion, one always requires email services. It helps in conveying your message to the whole world. GetResponse is an ideal option to achieve all of this. With its flexible and enormous features, GetResponse has taken the lead in marketing. It offers a 30-day free trial which is a fantastic deal for business holders as they can easily access 1,000 customers without swiping any credit/debit card.

Some Notable Features

These unique features make GetResponse better than any other vendor out there and make GetResponse an All-In-One marketing solution.

1 – Webinars

getresponse webinar

GetResponse provides webinar feature along with many enterprise and nonprofit plans. Since 2014, the company has integrated Salesforce for CRM i.e. customer relationship management. It is also capable of running webinars and gathering leads.

2 – Marketing Automation

getresponse marketing

The new easy and advanced marketing automation software helps you set up complex campaigns with its drag-and-drop workflow builder.  It provides an advanced form of segmentation by allowing users to segment according to location, clicks, and autoresponder. GetRepsonse marketing automation also helps you to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

3 – Forms

GetResponse features tools that allow one to make forms that easily insert on your website, seeking newsletter signups and feedback forms. For publishing newsletter on Facebook or other social networks like Twitter, just simply use GetResponse.

GetResponse also helps in building landing pages and surveys. It’s A/B test trait provides access to different formats for the newsletter and subject lines.

4 – Customer Support

GetResponse provides a complete help support program; it gives almost all solutions to customers’ problems and assists them in every possible way. The support system is in the form of live chat, phone calls and emails. Unlike other services that do not provide any live support, GetResponse assists its customers 24/7.

Overall, GetResponse provides an elite experience to its users. With its exclusive features of third party integration, free trial with 1000 contacts and much more, GetResponse takes the lead in the marketing world.

How To Get Started With GetResponse

Below are some steps that will help you getting started and launching your first campaign with GetResponse.

Signing Up with GetResponse

Simply write e-mail address along with your name and an activation email is sent to your id. Once verified, you provide them with your cell number, within seconds a verification code is sent to you. Just 3 steps and you are done signing up!

Forming list of Subscribers

There are several ways to form subscriber list. For a small contact list, just copy and paste email ids. If you are dealing with a large customer list, then upload contacts on Google or other third party services.  The majority of services does not provide an option for third party involvement, but GetResponse takes an edge on this.

Once the process of forming subscriber list is completed, one can divide lists through different criteria e.g. location, etc.

Setting up GetResponse Campaign

GetResponse allows two tools for starting up a campaign: An Email Creator tool containing templates and HTML editor. HTML is useful for people who find comfort in their code forming.  On the other hand, Email Creator tool allows to either create an email from built-in templates or start from the scratch.

Previewing newsletter permits it to appear on several browsers, desktop and even on mobile phones allowing you to see how it looks like.

getresponse campaign

After previewing, a spam score is received which helps in knowing about the incorrect terms that might sound suspicious. The company demands users to abide by the rules of CAN-SPAM Act 2003 and other legislations.

GetResponse allows newsletter to be sent in seconds or later when required. It also allows using Time Travel that lets recipients receive it according to their local time. For instance, regardless of recipient’s time zone, you can send mail to them at 10 AM local time. GetResponse also comes with Perfect timing feature, which guides users in sending mail on perfect time of day. This feature results in an increase of 23% in open rates and 20% in click rates.

getresponse campaign

Newsletter and Autoresponders are also sent out on certain occasions like customer’s birthday or when a profile picture is changed etc. Select between options of time-based, clicked, opened, subscribed, or goal achieved. After selecting the type, you then set up parameters. For instance, you send a greeting message to a new subscriber or follow up email in specific time period. It also provides the option to select and set days, Autoresponder would send messages to subscribers. Once completely satisfied with your campaign, you can forward it to all subscribers or add subscribers manually. The help section is always available. At this point, one can also target contacts or certain tag subscribers, by simply using a saved search that provides tag assigned option.

Campaign Tracking

GetResponse provides the option to view all of your campaigns on one single page. At top most, Received and opened email’s information is preset. It also provides assistance from Google Analytics (GA), which is a simple tool designed for tracking campaigns. There is no refresh tool available so one needs to refresh the browser quite often, However it updates quite fast. Get Response gives, even more, convenience to its users by sending reports directly to their inbox. It is very easy to have access to campaign’s history by knowing how much it is viewed, clicked or received. It also helps campaigners by providing information about specific customers and segments.


Marketing services prices differ hugely. However, for a small business carrying 2,500 users subscribed to their database, it would hardly cost $25 a month which is nothing compared to other pricey marketing programs. In GetResponse there are no email limitations, send emails as much as you want without any worry.

It delivers a variety of options and plans to its users. Concerning pricing, GetResponse is surely cost friendly as it provides the least expensive package of $15 a month, allowing you to work with 1,000 subscribers and then you can gradually increase package as you progress further in business. The image below will give you more insight about GetResponse pricing.

getresponse discount

GetResponse also offers contract flexibility. Depending on your budget, you can either sign for a year or monthly basis. It’s no competitor allows discounts on contracting but GetResponse offers 30% discount if individual pays in advance for two years. It has no refunding policy, but its free trial option makes it easy to decide before paying for this software.


Full 30-day free trial.

It provides Time to Deliver option to subscribers.

Unlimited email options.

Provides Google Analytics Integration.

Easy tracking tool.


It provides limited text and image options.

It Provides no refunding policy.

It consists of some outdated template.

Final Verdict

Although GetResponse comes with certain limitations in editing templates, it is still the best option for young people in business. It provides vast marketing support to its users.

GetResponse features unique tracking options and marketing assistance like no other. These features make it stand out from the rest in the marketing world. It does have certain flaws in editing, but that’s not a big problem.

Email Tracking facility provides knowledge to users about whether an email was opened, forwarded or deleted. GetResponse tracks costumer’s nature of the purchase. It helps users in tailoring emails that target customer’s needs and wants and provides the maximum profit.

GetRespone also lets user remember their customers on special occasions by sending them holidays and birthday cards. On special occasions, it offers valuable discounts to its users.  Also, anyone who signs up is greeted heartedly by a welcome message.

GetResponse allows you to create customized newsletters by either using HTML or already available hundreds of templates. To make your emails a lot attractive, it also provides access to many stocked images. GetResponse allows limited customization options as it provides few font style and editing options. Like other email services available in the market, GetResponse also could not deliver emails to Gmail inboxes.


Although GetResponse has certain limitation in editing and customization, it is still the best email marketing service available. Its exclusive features provide a unique approach to marketing and are worth the try. So go and sign up for GetResponse free trial and start using it for free.

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