Are you blogging day and night, whenever you get time you start doing blogging. No matter it is day, night, lunch time, dinner time or anything else. Is it true? Yeah i know it is! You are crazy about blogging and giving your whole time to it but you aren’t getting good organic traffic to your blog which really disappoints you and distracts you from Blogging.

In my blogging career, I have also faced such situations which are really annoying. Everyone can leverage the use of social media for getting traffic… But the main success is in Search engine traffic, as it generates more income and clients.

So Today I am going to discuss with you what strategies you need to follow to boost your organic traffic and start converting your visitors into readers like a boss.



Proper On Page Optimization

Have you ever heard about the term SEO? If not then you should start learning search engine optimization as without it you cannot become a good blogger and if you don’t want to become one then it’s up to you but for increasing search engine traffic, this is the main thing which every search engine considers.

While doing On page optimization you have to take care of several things like your URl, proper structured content with h2,h3 and h4 tags included in it along with proper seo optimized URl, meta tags, description, post title etc. If you will not take care of these things then your page will not be considered good by Google and your post will not rank in search engines resulting in Less traffic from Google. I hope that you got it, if you have any doubts regarding this you can ask in comment section at end of the post.

Move your Site to HTTPS connection

As you may know that, HTTPS is actually stated as a Google ranking factor and it affects fewer than 1% of global queries. So, You need to get either free or paid SSL certificate in order to migrate your site from HTTP (Not Secure) to HTTPS (Secure) connection. SSL (short for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’) is a technique to authenticate and encrypt online data transmission from your website to the user’s browser window that is connected to and vice versa. SSL activates green padlock and https:// on the address bar of your website.

Entry level or Domain Validated SSL certificates are issued instantly and just require only domain ownership through email verification process.

If your website collects user’s data then Extended Validation SSL is ideal certificate because it requires in-depth verification process to check legal, operational and physical verification process followed by Certificate Authority such as Comodo, GeoTrust, RapidSSL etc.

Social Sharing Really Matters

Now, I again came to the point of social sharing, are you thinking that what the crap he is talking about? How can someone attract high quality organic traffic with social sharing… Ain’t it? Let me tell you that Google try to find out the no. of social shares of a post and on the basis of that Google ranks that post. Google gives most consideration to Google+ Social network.

So it’s time to leave your bed and start working and being social if you really want to attract traffic. 🙂

Consider your self in such a situation “your post is in the second page of Google search engine” and the keyword is having 20,000+ volumes according to Google Keyword planner and you are worries about ‘how can you get it in top 5’, i had also got a message regarding this the last night, he said “I am ranking for a keyword on 14th position having average monthly searches of 1 lakh 65 thousand

So is your blog ranking for any keyword in top 10 or say 2nd page, you want to get it under top 5 then you should start doing backlinking.

If you don’t know what are backlinks then read this first – “Backlinks are the links pointing to your site” and they are basically of 2 types, dofollow and nofollow.

When someone is giving dofollow link to your blog then link juice is passing to your blog. It helps in rankings and nofollow is just opposite.

So what are you waiting for? Start your link building campaign today.

Posting Frequently

Believe me or not, you can also attract more traffic by posting on your blog frequently. Let’s say in every 2 days. Google give’s more priority to the domains having more updates.

So I will suggest you instead of resting after doing 1 post, try to update your site as much as you can. Atleast if you are running a multi niche blog which will maintain quality also.

Follow Google Policies

Until or unless you are on an event based blogging mission, you should not break the rules of Google, doing this will no index your blog from Google leading to “you will lose traffic in long term”.

If you will do spam in your blog and using black hat tactics that will bring traffic for a short span of time and after your site will get banned. I hope that you got it, and it’s up to you that you are going to try black hat tactics or not.

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Alternate Method :

Actually Now a day Many Agencies and Alternate methods for Ranking is Available Globally . You according to me if you can’t give time for your proper Search Engine Optimization then you need to Hire someone to complete this Work. As you know SEO is very important of website if you really wants to do something with your creativity or Business So Now You can Hire SEO Freelancers Online.

Convinced or not? If you have any doubts then you can leave them in the comment section below, I will definitely try to help you out.

Don’t worry, we will try to post about these mentioned topics in the future “In depth articles” which will surely bring you more organic traffic to your blog. Thanks for reading and keep visiting!!! 😉


  1. Hi Atinder,

    Very nice article, I agreed with all points, you have mentioned everything which I need to get organic traffic and out standing our blog from crowd. Thanks to share such nice information with all of us.

    Keep up your good work!

    Jyoti Chauhan

  2. Thanks for pointing out all these useful info on getting organic traffic, i will work on it and update you with the results.

  3. I don’t agree with your social sharing fact as i got 1k +1’s on one of my post and its still stuck on 2nd page of Google. Am i lacking something here? Help me please.

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