Effective Ways to Get More Comments on your Blog

Effective Ways to Get More Comments on your Blog
Blogging is an Art which needs many different skills. After starting your career as a blogger, you need to manage many different things like improving ranking in SERPs to drive traffic to your blog, use various different sources and techniques to get traffic, find a way to Make money, create high Quality Backlinks, etc..

But in all work, the majority of bloggers tend to forget one important thing which plays a vital role in making your blog successful. That is Comments, your blog should be getting a lot of comments from quality visitors. If you are not getting, then, somewhere something is missing. So, to solve that low comments problem I have mentioned some top Tips that can help you get More Comments on your Blog.

Effective Ways to Get More Comments on your Blog

How to Get More Comments?

#1 Remove all Barriers

The most common reason of Visitors not commenting on your blog is all those barriers which you are using to avoid spam. I am not talking about spam plugins, but those captcha verification is very irritating. Especially when a new user comes to your website and try to comment. So, you need to get rid of Captcha system and only use Spam detection filters. It will be better if you manually approve comments. If you don’t have too much time, then, you can moderate the first comment of new users manually and then, set it to auto approve if that user was not a spammer.

#2 Call to Action

These days, many people won’t do anything unless you told them to do. Actually, you need to ask them in Polite voice. You can say them, “if they like this article, then, don’t forget to comment with your views” or you can put some questions at the end of your article which force visitors to comment on your blog. The majority of the times this trick will work perfectly. But if not, then, few more tricks are described below.

#3 Giveaways

It’s another best way to attract quality visitors who will comment on your blog. You can giveaway Cash, Gifts, Hosting, Domains, or anything else. It will attract a lot of comments and also you will see a huge traffic increase because it will make users sharing your blog on their social Profiles.

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#4 Make Blog Commenting your Habit

You can make blog commenting your habit and comment whenever your favorite blog publish a new post. You can also regularly comment on your friends blogs, so they will do the same thing on your blog. It will also get you some traffic, especially if you are successful in leaving the first comment on Popular blog’s new posts.

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#5 Regularly Reply to Comments

I have seen many newbie bloggers make this mistake by not replying to comments. I can understand if you are a pro blogger or you have many blogs, then replying to every comment is not possible. So, you may reply to few special ones, but if you are a newbie then, it’s compulsory to answer everyone. It will help you get more and more comments as people will regularly come to ask questions because they getting quick answers.

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So, these are some Tips that can help you get more comments on your Blog. Don’t forget to share these tips on Social networks to help your fellow bloggers.

Do you have any other strategy to increase Number of comments on your Blog? Share with us via Comments?

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