Best Free Calling Apps for Android and iOS

Best Free Calling Apps for Android and iOS
In this Modern Era, Smartphones are our life’s. We rely on them to do almost every job in our day to day life. They can perform 99% of tasks specially Android and iOS. But we are not talking about Smartphones extraordinary features, we are here for the basic Calling Feature. As we know Smartphones most common and basic feature is Calling. But with Huge increase in call Rates by Service providers, Make users to just stay with Message packs or use Whatsapp for conversations. You will only see few people talk on calls. All affected by High Calling Rates.
But did you ever thought, you can call your friends and family members free. Yes, totally Free without any recharge. It is truly possible with some Applications which allow users to Free calls via Internet Connection (High Speed Net). But again, there are so many apps that help you free calling that you can’t figure out which one is best for you. So, today we are reviewing some top Apps for Free Calling on Android and iOS. So, lets start with our Number one Application.

Top Android and iOS Apps for Free Calling

#1 Whatsapp


Whatsapp is one the most Popular Messenger for smartphone & iPhone so now in the new update of Whatsapp they are also providing calling feature with each other . This is also work as a Messenger system because when you are calling to another person then there is also must have Whatsapp App in his phone . No matter if he/she is using Android or Iphone but you can enjoy calling feature through internet without paying money this is free for all users.

#2 Skype


For more than 10 years, Skype leads the charge. It is the most popular Calling App available for All platforms, including mobile, desktop, tablet, etc. I think this application don’t need any explanation because Majority of you reading this, must have used it. These days, many Smartphones have Skype pre-installed for making it easier for users. But if it is not, then, you can install by going on their official website. After Installing, you can enjoy conversation with your friends, if your friends also have Skype installed. So, what you are waiting for. Let’s enjoy Free Calling.

#3 Line


It is one of the newest apps in this field. It allows users to have text chat with friends, free calls, etc. It also provides a huge bunch of stickers which you will not find in any other App. You can also share your location with your friends. It provides real time location sharing system. It Available for all types of mobile platforms.

#4 Viber


It is two in application which giving competition to 2 different Well known Apps. One is Whatsapp for Free Messages and other one Skype for Free Calls. In both sections, it is coolwith simple interface. Since 2010, it has grown incredibly. Firstly launched on iOS, now available on all platforms. It also integrates all your Phones contacts automatically and shows which of your contacts are using Viber and they will give you notification when your friend from contact list will join Viber.

#5 Tango


Tango is another App providing All features in a single place.  It is free to use application for both iOS and Android. They provide all features of Skype and Viber with some extra things like Tango Surprises. You can also play Games on Tango which makes it must download App for teenagers. It is not so popular these days, but in future time, it will be the Application to watch out for. So, why wait for the future, download it now and enjoy it.

So, these are Best Free calling Apps for iOS and Android. You can download any of your favorite apps from this list using the links given above. If you are using any other app, then don’t forget to share with us in the Comments section.

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