{Top 5} Free Call Recorder Apps for Android Phone

Top Free Call Recorder Apps for Android Phone

Sometime, we have to record a conversation that is important to us when we don’t have a pen or pencil in our hands at the moment. We forgot our conversations  and important discussed ideas with friends our boss when the call ends. It is also important when we want proof that someone said something to you and no one is not believing in you. Those are the moments, when call recorder is very necessary.

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Some phones already have a default call recorder in them and some don’t have in them. Recording phone calls in android is quite easy.

If you don’t have a call recorder app on your android phone, then all you have to do is to install recording apps from Google play store.  When you call someone or receive calls, it automatically records your conversations. Store recorded calls with them and restore and use later. The Google play store has so many recorder apps.

Top Free Call Recorder Apps for Android Phone

Here I am going to list here some best android free recorder apps that you can use to record phone calls:

1. Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy call recorder is specially made for Galaxy series phones. If you have a smartphone of Galaxy series, it is a handy app for you. This recorder’s key feature is that it can help to record two way conversations in Android Standard API. It works on all galaxy series phones such as S1, S2, S3, S4, Note 1, Note 2, Note 3.

For other phones, it record audio with the use of microphones. For this, turn on the loudspeakers of your phone  to record it. It’s like other recording apps, let you save recorded conversations on SD card.

Galaxy Call Recorder

Availability: from Google play store
Developer: Indie Developer.

2. Automatic Call Recorder- A C R

This is also great, most rated and popular recording apps for android smartphones and  tablets. This is most download  free call recorder on Android. It is compatible with all android phones. This app has so many features like you can record calls manually or automatically. This recorder allows the user to record the calls of particular contacts and save them in the cloud. Pro version is also available of ACR.

You can protect your recording with the password. Old recording are automatically deleted in this app. Mark recorded files as important so that they don’t get automatically deleted. Save recorded calls in different formats like mp3, AAV, 3gp, WAC, etc..
Automatic Call Recorder- A C R

Download: from Google play store
Developer: NLL.

3. Call Recorder

Call Recorder is simpler free call recorder which is very easy to use. It’s best feature is it can organize recorded phone calls in a simple and systematic way. Install this app on your android smartphone and it automatically starts to record incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Save your recorded files on SD card in mp3 format. Organize your recorded files by list, by group, by name, by date. It syncs with Dropbox to the save record on cloud.
Call Recorder

Download: from Google play
Developer: Lovekara.

4. Android Call Recorder- RMC

Record my call is another call recording app which is very easy to use. It is a free app available on Google play store. It does not automatically start recording calls. Enable the recording button to record the call and save the recorded files.

Availability: Google play
Developer: Nathaniel KH.

5. Easy Voice Recorder

It is  simple voice and audio recorder. Record your important calls here. This recorder is not compatible to record phone calls on most of the devices. Save your recording on the phone. You can rename or delete files. Managing and sharing recorded files is very simple and easy. It records call in PMC and AAC high quality formats.

Availability: Google play
Developer: Digipom.

So, This was my little collection of Best Free Call Recorder Apps which you can easily download from Google Playstore by just copy pasting app name in search box of Play Store for more you can also go through our great collection of  Android Apps. Yes! we also love to use Android apps because these are very interesting and helpful in case it can save our lot of time whenever we boarded but basically at this point we need to record our each call for our security sometime if someone disturb you by calling or abused you on call then you have proof this recording and you can do FIR to police .

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