Top 5 free Best Responsive WordPress Themes of 2014 – Collection #1

Top 5 free Best Responsive WordPress Themes of 2014 - Collection #1
Welcome Back Guys, Today First time I am gonna share something related to WordPress,that is 5 Top Responsive Free Themes For WordPress it is my First collection .in my next post I will share my 2nd Collection of WordPress themes .

SO, WordPress is self hosted platform to run any blog /Website . actually mostly all top Blogs are running on WordPress Platform in this Case it is very important that your site/blog looks more beautiful than others or Something Attractive so,  Theme is also must have on your blog. Today I am sharing my First collection of top 5 free Best responsive WordPress Themes of 2014 .

Top Free WordPress themes of 2014 :-

#1. Celebrate

            ·        Good Looks & Beautiful Design
            ·        100% responsive on every platform
            ·        Free for WordPress
            ·        Out Standing Designs & Layouts
#2. zAlive
            ·        Very good Features
            ·        Fast loading page
            ·        Basically Responsive
            ·        You can edit CSS on your Choice
            ·        Simple & Attractive design
            ·        Free for WordPress
#3. ZeeDynamic
           ·        Magazine Style Most Responsive
           ·        Beautiful Design
           ·        It Highlight Automatically to Imagery Articles
           ·        Free For WordPress platform
#4. Terrifico
          ·        100% responsive also
          ·        Simple Style Design
          ·        It is part of Rich themes Category
          ·        Customization is very easy
          ·        Customizable Header & footer

         ·        It has Pixel typography
         ·        Sidebar is most responsive
         ·        Auto Adjust on every Size Display
         ·        Free & SEO friendly
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