Top 7 Free Battery Saver Apps for Android


Saving the juice on an Android device is very important. Almost all the Android users complain about the battery life of their phones as these Smartphones tend to use a lot of battery for their background apps. So, in order to maximize the potential of your battery, we shall list the top 7 Free apps for Android that will help you in achieving maximum out of your battery.

Best Free Battery Saver Apps for Android

1.    Easy Battery Saver:

Easy Battery Saver

It is one of the best battery saver apps out there for free. This app provides a lot of options to the users like pre-defined battery modes, real time analysis of battery usage and a few widgets that allow better battery monitoring. Moreover, the app is quite light and it does not consume a lot of battery and RAM, which makes it more desirable for the Smartphone users.

2.    Juice Defender:

Juice Defender

Packed with infinite options, this battery saving app is a winner. The normal (free) mode allows you to control the mobile data, Bluetooth and WiFi configurations and settings as per the battery levels. Moreover, it contains multiple presets that can keep a tab on your mobile activities and help you save your battery. It also keeps a check on your background apps that allow more power saving on your device. This app also has a paid version with many added features like a night mode and weekend presets. However, for basic use, you might want to stick with the free version only.

3.    Autorun Manager:

Autorun Manager

This app comes in two versions: Paid and Free. The free app offers you basic controls over your background apps. You can select which of the background and foreground apps shall start up when the phone boots so that you can save both RAM and battery life. However, fiddling with the background apps is recommended to only those who have working knowledge about Android and if you’re not one of them, then you might just as well leave it alone.

4.    Battery Doctor:

Battery Doctor

This app offers battery saving plus memory saving services. The app provides accurate information about your battery usage and gives you the power to decide which apps to disable after a certain power level. The app in itself is quite light and does not take up unnecessary processing power.

5.    Tasker:


This is a cool battery saving app for those with a set work schedule. You can set the time when the mobile data/WiFi need to disable, set brightness according to time of day and employ task killing for freeing up RAM and extend the battery life.

6.    DU Battery Saver:

DU Battery Saver

This is one of the most famous free battery saver apps. The predictions made by the app are very accurate and it gives you the perfect report of battery usage and time left to discharge. Apart from that, the app provides you many preset options that help you in optimizing your phone and getting the most out of your battery.

7.    Battery Widget Reborn:

Battery Widget Reborn

This app is one of the most elegant battery savers on the Play Store. The app comes with a lot of preset options and helps you in saving a lot of battery power by killing unwanted processes. Moreover, the app has a cool look, uses very less space and includes a lot of useful widgets which make it worthy to be in this list.

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  1. Free battery saver apps are very useful. I no longer face any battery draining issue. For me Battery doctor works great

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