8 Best Free Radio Apps For Android

Best Free Radio Apps For Android

We all love to listen songs in our phones. We have a large collection of Hindi, English , Punjabi songs.  It is very time consuming task to find songs and download them in our smartphones and then listen to them. If you are tired of doing  this downloading process again and again, then you should opt for listening the radio.

In this modern era, our smartphones have built in radio. So there we can listen latest songs and news. If your android phone has not built in radio, then you can install radio app from Google play. The Google play has thousands of radio apps in it. Downloading these radio apps from Google play is very easy.
Best Free Radio Apps For Android

I have selected some of the 8 best android radio apps which are free to download from Google play. These are:

1) Pandora internet radio

Pandora internet radio
This radio app is considered one of the best radio app in  the android market. When you install this app on your phone, create a free account by completing some formalities. You will definitely enjoy this free radio service.
 Here you can create your own music station just by entering the name of an artist , song or band. This free version of the Pandora is ads supported. Pandora app programs station according to your likes.

2) Jango Radio

It is personalized free radio service for android devices. Start by typing the name of the artist you would like to listen. It will customize according to your likes and play similar music. You can listen unlimited free songs here with just one add per day.
I call it simple, straightforward online radio which is easy to navigate Sign up here and explore the different type of music.

3) Dhol Radio

Dhol Radio
This is the Punjabi internet radio for people who love Punjabis and their rich culture. This is the first Punjabi radio broadcasting from Punjab village. It is live  24/7 radio where you can listen Punjabi songs, Hindi songs, remix songs. You can request to play your favorite song and can talk on live phone calls with them. Especially Punjabi NRI’s loves this radio.

4) Live365 Radio

Live365 Radio
This radio is world’s most diverse radio with thousands of  people’s created radio stations around the world. Here you can listen to your favorite songs from different genres such as jazz, hip-hop, classical, Punjabi, Hindi, International, oldies etc.. Find perfect station of your musical taste.
It is different from other radio apps as it provides the broadcaster to create their own online radio.

5) All India Radio News

All India Radio News
It is user friendly official air news radio app. It brings news from Air News Network India. Here you can listen to the latest news, national and regional from Prasar Bharati, Indian Service Broadcaster. Here you can also listen to special news based programs for better experience.

6) Digitally Imported Radio

Digitally Imported Radio
Source:- http://www.gravitation.pro/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Digitally-Imported.png
It is most listened highly ranked radio app. Listen to more than 55+ hand programmed music  channels. You can also save your favorite channels for accessing them easily the next time you open the radio app. Share your favorite songs on Facebook, twitter etc.. Explore the easy to style the list  when you are not sure which channel to pick.

7) Capital FM Radio app

Capital FM Radio app
The Capital FM radio app is a free app to listen all your favorite music. Here you can also watch latest music videos. In the 7 day schedule, you can find your favorite radio shows. It display a full size photo of the singers whose song is playing.

8) XiiaLive – Internet Radio

XiiaLive - Internet Radio
It is one of the top radio apps. It helps to explore more than 50,000 songs around the world. Search for any artist and song and enjoy it. Use SEEKBAR to rewind the song you want to listen again. It also gives you scan feature to explore new stations.

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So, these are some Free Radio Apps For Android. I hope it helps. If you need any suggestion, feel free to ask via comments. Stay Tuned for Android Apps on this website. Cheers :).
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