We tend to keep our bodies fit by engaging in Yoga, doing exercise and hitting the Gym. However, not many of us do anything about the exercise of our minds. It has been clinically proven that the mind also needs exercise and the mental muscles must be flexed from time to time in order to enhance brain activity. In today’s world of mobile phones and Smartphones, using brain training apps for stimulation of the mind plays a big role and here we are listing the top 7 games for your mind.

Top Free Brain Training Games for Android

1.    Brain Trainer Special:

Brain Trainer Special
Source:- http://www.downloads.ws/android/public/android_images/7c832384f5a3b84a198f652aadd36b00.jpeg

It is a free app for Android that offers simple arcade style brain fiddling games based on concentration, memory and many more mental skills. The app can be configured to vary the difficulty, game lengths and also include a scorecard to track your activity.

2.    Fit Brains Trainer:

Fit Brains Trainer
Source:- https://az598155.vo.msecnd.net/wp-uploads/2015/01/Fit-Brains-Trainer-app.jpg

It is a complete brain trainer for your mind and is available for free on the Android Market. The app has more than 300 games that will stimulate your brain and help you strengthen the various faculties of your mind. The scorecard featured in the app allows you to track your score and compare it with the scores of other people in the same age group.

3.    Lumosity:

Source: http://brainreference.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Lumosity.gif

It is a scientific game that offers mental mini games which are fun to play. All the games are developed by using proven scientific techniques from the Department of Human Cognition. You need to create an account on the app and your score is tracked in order to give you challenging tasks as per your levels. They have a free and a paid section, with some extra featured specially reserved for those who pay.

4.    The Moron Test:

The Moron Test
Source: http://www.topapps.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/The-Moron-Test-Old-School.jpg

If you think you’re not a moron, think again. This fun filled brain testing game on the Android platform will test your skills and only after you complete all the obstacles can you be called a smart guy. So, dare to take the moron test?

5.    Brain Age Game:

Brain Age Game
Source: http://www.androidauthority.com/wp-content/uploads/howto/brain-age-game-screenshots-120705.jpg

This is a fun game that tests your brain reflexes and concentration and tells you what the age of your brain is. The games offered in the app are quite simple, yet they are fun to complete. You can even share your score with your friends on Facebook and beckon your friends to exercise their brains too.

6.    Memory Trainer:

Memory Trainer
Source: http://www.downloads.ws/android/public/android_images/9281618364b2ba398202983f7cf9bf39.jpeg

Our brain can be trained to perform many extraordinary functions. Memory Trainer is an app available for Android that trains your brain and helps you in increasing your retention power and concentration. The trainer is designed to tickle all the faculties of your mind and is a good game for those who need some brain training.

7.    Find Differences:

Find Differences
Source: https://lh5.ggpht.com/UXObMHyUcRXaecujWEtgBIUo3ls7wIHpWS6XK0rduFhmqYdqkLn89zJAEZVb9hk9Bg=h900

This is another fun app that checks your concentration and attention to detail. In this game you need to spot the differences in the two identical pictures that are shown on screen. It scores you on the basis of your response time and the number of differences that you predict correctly. It is a fun game and can be played in order to increase your observation skills.

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So, these are top Free Brain Training Games for Android. Now, don’t forget to comment below with your favorite one and For more Android Games, bookmark this website and visit continuously.

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