Footprints to find high PR backlinks sources for Event Blogs

Footprint 1 for High PR backlinks

Hey Buddies, I am back with another Post for Event Bloggers. After New Year Event Success, I got many messages from newbies asking different types of questions regarding backlinks. But the majority of them want to know just one thing “how to find high PR backlinks to rank Event blogs?“.

So, I decided to write a post to explain How can you find different sources for backlinks with the help of Google.

Well, there are many Footprints available which will help you find high quality backlinks. Didn’t get it? Don’t worry. I will explain it with an example, but before taking an example, let’s take a look on our first Footprint.

Footprint #1 – Your Keyword “Allowed HTML tags:”

This is a superb way to find some quality auto approve and some moderated sites which will allow you to take backlinks from Comment section, if you do not spam much. For an example, take a look on the screenshot.

Example:- World Cup “Allowed HTML tags:”

Footprint 1 for High PR backlinks


Footprint #2 – Your Keyword inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in”

With This Footprint, you will get many sites with the High Domain Authority. So, you can get some high quality links , but the majority of these sites are moderated manually. So, you need to avoid too much spamming to get links from those sites.

Example:- World cup inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in”

Find High Quality Links for Event Blogs

Footprint #3 – Your Keyword inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in”

If you are looking to find .Edu sources for backlinks, then this footprint will help you. But don’t spam much as the majority of these sites are moderated.

Example:- World cup inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in”

Edu Backlinks sources

Footprint #4 – Your Keyword “if you have a website, link to it here” “post a new comment”

With this footprint, you will be able to find Intense debate blogs easily, where you can comment and get dofollow backlinks. And, for your good, majority of these sites are auto-approve. So, you can get instant links, if you are not adding to much spam links.

Example:- world cup “if you have a website, link to it here” “post a new comment”

Intense Debate dofollow backlinks

Footprint #5 – “my response on my own website”

Well, this is a very common method to find tons of backlinks among event bloggers, but still there are many who don’t know this footprint. So, I decided to include it in this list.

Example:- my response on my own website

my response on my own website ( backlinks)

So, these are some of the top footprints to find high quality sources to make backlinks. But there are some more footprints remaining which I will not explain much, because of the fact, you will find only a few sources and all of them will be moderated. So, that’s why I thought, there is no point explaining , Though I will list of them.

#1 WordPress

  • “leave a comment” “powered by wordpress”
  • “powered by wordpress”
  • “powered by wordpress”

#2 Forums + Edu

  • “forums register”
  • “register iam over 13 years of age forum”
  • “message board register”
  • “discussion board register”
  • “SMF register forum”
  • “Powered by PunBB viewforum.php”
  • “bulletin board register”
  • “vbulletin forum signup”
  • “phpbb register forum”
  • “punbb register forum”
  • “forums post thread”
  • “forums new topic”
  • “forum new replies”
  • “forum signup”
  • “forums view thread”
  • “forum new topic”
  • “forum view thread”
  • “forums new replies”
  • “forum post thread”
  • “Powered by PunBB register.php”

Need any help?

So, this concludes my post. If you have any confusion, then feel free to ask any question via comments. Also, Don’t forget to share this post with your friends who is new to blogging. Cheers. 🙂

  1. Thank you so much for explaining the concept of footprints backlinks!
    I really appreciate the way of explan it..
    With the help of this technique you can some high DA & PA sites which are still untouched from the spammers

  2. That’s really a Great Stuff! I am currently not working on some points, i will do them now. i am very happy to see them and anyone whole follow these, will achieve success.

    Was making list for all works for getting success, you made my list longer 🙂

  3. Amazing post. Thanks for sharing content marketing tips. I agree with all your points. Yes! Infographic really helps in increasing traffic and links as well.

  4. I really appreciate your hard work for this great useful tips , It will really help bloggers to get high quality backlinks. If they really can follow your complete article.

    Thanks for your tips and tricks.

  5. I really need this for making backlink.. But please Provide more foot prints for auto approve comments and more foot prints ..

  6. I have doubt guys, If we use any footprint for blog commenting, how many blog owners approv matters right?
    Lets say if you do 100 comments in a day, if no one approved its waste of time right? can some one pls explain

  7. NIce work.
    Nice idea. footprint backlinks an important way to generate some good backlinks.. i will follow the same.
    thanks sir

  8. Is there any footprint similar to Apricot comment where i don’t hv to sign in and i can comment anonymously … if yes plz share that foot print

  9. quite useful for me. It took me to the exact blog which I was looking for. Thanks

  10. Hi Atinder,

    Great stuff from you as usual. I can always count on getting some extremely useful tips when I come to your site. What a great way to easily find places to get relevant backlinks. Thanks a lot for your brilliant content on footprint.
    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

  11. Hi Atinder, You have done a great job. I think, people can easily find their targeted site for building backlinks. Last few years i am wokring with SEO as a services provider. I collected many footprints. Which footprints i made myself.

    I tried to distribute that footprints with people. That’s why i made a tool. You can see my tool. I think, you will love tool. I will wait for your repsponse.

    Here is my Tool Link:

  12. really nice post Atinder bro very helpful for all the events blogger as well the for the newbie who did not now much about blogging

  13. Hello Atinder,
    “my response on my own website”
    I used this foot print and made 10 backlinks . and the next day i’m not able to make backlinks using this..
    After a week again i tried and it worked..
    how many backlinks can we do per day using this particular foot print?

  14. Hello ATINDER S,

    Thanks for sharing these proper methods to find backlink by own, you just simplified the backlinking process to very high extent and I looking forward to see you again.

  15. Just awesome article. I follow your method for Footprints backlinks. Thanks for share

  16. Great post, actually your post is very helpful for so many members …thanks for sharing this & keep posting.

  17. Thanks for sharing this wonderful list of footprints for finding backlinks and I’m try all of them now.


  18. Hi Atinder,

    Really nice article. Appreciated and its very good for new bloggers like me. Your case study is fantastic, the way you represented here. Bookmarked.

  19. Nice to share step by step information.. really i followed above clear information.. wonderful keep going on

  20. Hi Atinder,
    This is the first time i am visiting your blog. The title itself impressed me to read. Glad to read the post. Lots of information’s shared. Thanks for sharing… 🙂 Share more post like this.. 🙂

  21. Hi Atinder,

    You made an excellent post on it. Your presentation is excellent. I had enjoyable reading this and lots of terrific insights right here. I will share this info with my friends and they will definitely like to read this. Really interesting, I’ll absolutely provide these 5 stars.

    Thanks for sharing this fantastic article.

  22. Wonderful share, I was just searching about this wonderful tip on google and guess what I landed here and you’ve shared all the necessary tips regarding it.


  23. Hello Atinder, Thanks for the list. Really amazing great job. To be honest, i don’t have the idea most of them as well i am newcomer Blogger. I am going to check these all for my own Blog niche. Hope, i will get a good result by using these methods. I will share my reviews with you. Keep sharing your experience with us as newcomer Blogger always get help from this blog


  24. Just stumbled on this blog today,so much helpful tips.i just added a bookmark for easy access. i have a question though. How long did it take for you to rank this blog

  25. Great Article | It is very helpful to me. Recently i created blog
    Thanks for sharing step by step
    Atinder S Gill

  26. Hello Atinder,
    Thanks for the awesome post with some unique and great tips. These will really help me to get some new and high quality sites and blog to create backlinks for my blog.

  27. Hi
    Good post. All the Foot prints as you mention are awesome ..!! about getting backlinks. It help us to grow our network.
    Keep sharing..

  28. Awesome! I love your reasonable detailed explanation, the best info about event blogging I have read so far. My only question is: aren’t you afraid that by giving all this info to your competition for free it get harder for you to rank on first page in google search again?

  29. hello bro
    all the footprint that you mention here are save for long team event blogger
    means for 2 month event blogging

  30. Well backlinks are an important factor to visible your site on search engine..
    Your article was great

  31. Hello Atinder,

    Nice Tricks! But i doubt with “Intense debate blogs.” On most blogs the comments are hidden from search engines so you wont be getting any backlinks from comments section. When comments are auto approve chances are that you wont be getting any backlinks.

  32. Finding it helpful will surely gonna try this cool tip. Hope it works 🙂

    have a good time !

  33. Hi Atinder,
    Great post.
    The event blogging is very tricky blogging. I always tries but never get much success, actually I cant make concentrate on building links or you can say that I had not enough knowledge to find the best resources to make good backlinks. But as you explained in your article, I got a big hope again to try at least these ways once.
    Thanks for this awesome post.
    With Regards,
    Elite Image Software Solutions

  34. Thank you so much sir..
    Finally, I got the concept of footprints.
    I’ll do lots of research on it, but didn’t get the desired result.
    The way you explain this concept is amazing..
    once again thank you so much sir 🙂

  35. Really Great information, Me also working on event blog, Hope it will work for me. This is similar like commentluv finder tools like ”drop my link” etc.. Thanks again

  36. Well done job Bro @Atinder !

    All newbies bloggers going to find this guide “find high PR backlinks sources for Event Blogs” so much useful.

  37. Perfect Post Atinder,

    Thanks for writing and keep writing like this, it’s time to use these footprints 🙂

  38. Now thats a nice brief post about getting backlinks and am sure it will help many bloggers. So now event blogging gets more tough since everything is revealed.
    :p 😀

    thanks for this article.

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