Fast and Furious Strategies to Build High Quality Backlinks

Today we will discuss three questions about building backlinks.
    1. What you should do while building backlinks?
    2. What you should never do while building backlinks?
    3. What are the best methods to build high quality backlinks?

Now we start  with the first question, What you should do while building backlinks?
Backlinks are the votes for your websites that gets you higher rankings in search. It means as many backlinks your site gets higher the ranking goes, but backlinks are worthless if you don’t have the right keywords. So, Spend some Extra time researching the best keywords before you start building backlinks. The keywords you choose are called anchor texts.

For Example:-

<a href=””>How2Guide</a>

Now, How2Guide is an Anchor text. Google Will Rank this Link Higher in search Results when User Type “How2guide”. So, use the best keyword phrases that are most relevant to your content. But Remember not to Create to much Backlinks with Similar Anchor Text because Google sees this as Manipulation Link Building and Will Penalize you for this.

Now, we Move on to our next Question “What you should not do while building backlinks?

The First thing is that don’t ever waste your time and money in purchasing backlinks from the various company’s specially those company’s which sells a high number of backlinks at very low price. Believe me, those backlinks can be harmful for your site and the next thing you should never ever take backlinks from low quality websites or having very low PR.
Just target yourself to create high quality backlinks that will work like a vote of a prime minister. Building 1 high quality link in a day is far better than finding 100 low quality backlinks in a day.
Now, the third thing you shouldn’t do is never exchange links with those websites which have low reputation. Always go for the highly reputed websites. Never ever use black hat backlink building techniques.

Now, we Move towards our 3rd Question “What are the best methods to build high quality backlinks? ”

There are several ways to create high quality backlinks.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is the popular and the easiest way to create backlinks. It Takes A Few Seconds to Leave a Comment on a blog with a link, but it doesn’t mean you can write anything what you want. Your Comment Should Add Some Value to that Web site.
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Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a typical way to create backlinks. You have to post articles as guest contributors. You can add links to your website in between those articles. Those Links Will Drive a lot of traffic to your site and will also increase search Position.

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Forum Backlinking

This method is very popular among youngster’s. You can create backlinks by placing a link to your site in your forum signature that appear at the bottom of every post you make. But this Method is Getting Spammy day by day and Google begin To penalize some Sites having bad Links from Forums.
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Article Publishing

It is Out Dated these Days as Google Panda and Penguin doesn’t allow any Low quality content or low quality Link to Rule the Search Ranking But this can be done to Receive decent amount of traffic. You can include Nofollow Links to that Article which could drive decent traffic.

Social Media Profiles and Pages

Always create pages and profiles of your websites to increase brand awareness. Social Media sites will give you Nofollow links which will not count for Search Ranking But will drive a high amount of traffic. These Days Social Media Sites also has a Huge affect on Both Domain Authority and Moz Rank which are very Important for Advertisers.

Use Digg, Squidoo, reddit, Stumbleupon

All these Sites provide Nofollow Links But Still Good for branding and traffic Purpose.

Which Method do you Prefer Mostly to Build High Quality Backlinks?

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