Top 21 Factors Cause Google Penalty

Factors Cause Google Penalty. Google is continuously changing Search Algorithms which means Danger of various Penalties also Increasing. Recently, Google Introduced Panda and Penguin Algorithms which can penalize Sites using Black Hat Link Building Techniques or having Duplicate, scraped content.
So, Knowing all Factors that can cause you a Penalty from Google is Must before thinking about succeeding in this business. Below is a List of all those factors that can cause Google penalties.

Factors that can Cause Google Penalties

1. Link Exchange: – It was a perfect way to build some backlinks in the past, but these days it’s a main factor in getting banned by Google. A lot of Major Webmasters used this technique to Fool Google and Increase Search Rankings but Google is Smart Enough to Catch them and penalize.

2. Paid Links: – Once it was the smartest way to Buy Links from Popular Websites and increase Rankings. But with Google Constantly Changing Algorithms it is Main factor in Getting Banned.

3. Links from Irrelevant Niche: – Many Newbie Webmasters Build Backlinks from Non Relevant Content which is Penalized by Google Penguin update. Importance of Backlinks in SEO

4. Same Anchor Text: – These Days Backlinks with Same Anchor Text from Different Sites Means Spam. Many Template and Widget Building Sites are Penalized for the Same Reason.

5. Duplicate: – This is very obvious to everyone that Google Penalizes when they Find some Duplicate Content on a Site.

6.404 Error: –If Your Site has Many 404 Internal Pages then you might be under the Threat of Penalty Because Google doesn’t want to send their visitors to 404 Pages.

7. Keyword Density: – There are many Articles Live online is explaining Rules about the Density of Keywords in a Post. Over Usage of Any Keyword makes Articles of Low Quality. Importance of Keywords in SEO

8. Broken Links: –If Your Site has Any Internal or Outbound Broken Links then Google will Punish you for Bad User Experience.

9. Hidden Text: – Any Hidden text Content on a website is not acceptable.

10. Sitemap Missing: – Google Robots use Website sitemap for Efficient Crawling, but if it has any errors or you don’t have sitemap then it might be a factor in getting penalized.

11. Excessive Keywords in Meta tags: –In Present SEO the Meta Keyword Tag has no effect on Search Rankings in Google But still Overusage of Keywords can lead to Penalty. How Meta Tags Impact SEO

12. Site Loading Speed:- Google Rank Faster Sites Higher in Search Rankings to Increase User Experience and penalizes sites that take High Loading Time. Read:- How site loading speed affect rankings.

13. Spam Content: – Google will never ever let any website share Spam Content. Read:- Google Loves Quality Content.

14. Spam Comments: – As we all know Comments are very important for our websites but many users like to share spam through commenting. Most of the Sites has Automated System to Detect Spam Comments but still you it can cost you a penalty if anybody go through that. So, Always Manually Keep an Eye on Comments.

15.  Malware/Virus: – If your Website Gives any type of Malware or Virus Warning then it will be quickly Removed from search Rankings.

16. Over Advertising: – Keep Advertisements on your Web Page to a Limited Number Because Google Hate Sites Focusing on Ads not on the Content. Read:- Google Penalizing sites having too much Ads Above fold.

17. To Many Redirected Pages: – If You Content had Moved to a New place, then it’s ok, you can use 301 redirect but overuse can lead to penalty so be careful.

18. Excessive Usage of H1 Tags: – This Tag is used in a Post to Tell Search Engine what Page is all about but overuse can cause penalties.

19. Links from or to Malicious Sites: – Any Inbound or outbound Malicious Links can cause you a Penalty from Google.

20. Over SEO: – Search Engine optimization Increase Rankings in Search Results but it can also harm when overdone. Read:- What is SEO.

21. Too Many Affiliate links: – If your Website Promotes Affiliate Products then be careful to keep Links at a decent Level.


All these are Main reasons that Hurt Websites. If Your Site has Any of the Problems then Keep Calm and Work on it to Keep Penalty Away. If Already Penalized, then Correcting the Problem will remove it when Google Crawls your site Next Time. Factors Cause Google Penalty.

Do you ever been penalized By Google in the Past?

  1. Great information regarding Google penalty. As an owner of a website, he should be very careful about the penalties of Google. We have to maintain certain limits especially in adding keywords, H1 tags etc…
    Thank you for the guide.

  2. Nice points; we feel its negative effects once Google review ranking and all of sudden traffic on our blog drops. So we need to avoid these bad things before we get its lash on our back.

  3. Nice Points .Really useful tips.This is a great post for Google Penalty related topic.

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