How to Order from Faasos Mobile App & find Amazing Deals

Order from Faasos Mobile App

Order from Faasos Mobile App

So, you love ordering Food from Faasos? But as you know, they recently has gone to App-only purchase, which means you can only order food via their mobile Application. Many if you will find it difficult, but actually it is an easy task to do.

The only thing which will take time is, the downloading time of the App on your mobile, which will take a few minutes, depending on the Internet connection you have on your smartphone, apart from it, Finding amazing deals and then, ordering Food will be super easy.

Now, You would be wondering,

How you can order from Faasos Mobile App and Grab Amazing Deals & Coupons?

Well, Here is the simple step by step Guide, which will take you through the full process of ordering food from Faasos Application and while doing so, saving a huge money with the deals and the Coupons available.

Step 1:- Download official FAASO’S Mobile Ordering APP from the Store, no matter, you are using iOS, Windows, or Android. The application is available on all three platforms.

Step 2:- Now, Check these Faasos Coupon and find out the best deal for yourself.

Step 3:- Now, Pick your favorite Food and Order. It doesn’t matter, what you like, you will get almost everything on Faasos. For Example, Biryani. And for that, you won’t need to stand in Queues, you won’t need to find stores using GPS as you can order it from your Mobile phone with just a single touch. So, order via the Mobile App by going the process. Just follow the instructions given while ordering.

Step 4:- While ordering you can choose nay form of payment, Like the Debit/ Credit card or you can choose Cash on Delivery, which means you need to pay, when the order is delivered at your home or when you pick it from the neared Outlet of Faasos.

Note:- Additionally, You can also check the status of your Order by entering the Order Number. This is a great feature added by Faasos, which you will not find with any other similar company.]

So, Now, you have the charm of ordering food from your home. Isn’t it cool? Yeah1 It is. So, what you are waiting for?  Order Your Food now!

BTW, Don’t forget to Grab the Deals from the Link, I have provided at the beginning of this Guide.

And, If you face any problem, you are free to contact me via comments. I will surely help you out solving your problem. Happy Ordering. Cheers.

  1. Nice Post !
    Recently faasos has won awards for best new startup in india.
    Maybe With Foodpanda and zomato another great startup born too with fassos.

  2. Hi Atinder,

    Thanks for the explanation, I’m sure that those it applies to will find this post useful.

    Thanks again for sharing.



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