Exit Junction Review- PPC Ad network For Bounced Traffic

So, you are finding a good Ad network for your blog? Well, I am also finding the same for my readers. Recently I reviewed many Adsense Alternatives and while doing so, I found a unique Network, which provides PPC Ads for Bounced Traffic. In simple words, the Advertisements will be shown to those users who are leaving your blog after reading the only single post. That network is Exit Junction. Want to Know more? Then read this full review.

What is Exit Junction?

As I said, It is a PPC ad network which works on Bounced traffic, which includes only those visitors which comes to your site through a search engine and then press the Back button after viewing one page. So, this way publishers can monetize their worthless traffic. All those Bounced visitors means nothing to you, because they are increasing your bounce rate, but by using Advertising company, you can make sure, nothing is worthless on your blog.

Note:- There are recent reports that, Exit Junction may affect your search rankings, because the adverts shown by this network looks like search results. So, Google can take hard steps and may Ban your blog. But this is not a confirm report, Only a few have experienced this.

Can Exit Junction Cause Google Penalty?

Well, As I Said in the special note in the previous paragraph, there are no confirmed reports, but you will find some cases online, where people are complaining about a ranking drop after using this network. But as we know, Google Policies, you cannot deviate people from search results, but when you use this network, Users deviate from your website, not from search results. So, again No final result of this question. But I will surely come up with the correct (Yes or No) Answer as soon as possible.

Type of Ads:-

They Provide advertisements for the Bounced traffic. All those adverts are Related to the Keywords that a Visitor typed in the search engine. So, there are full chances of visitors clicking these sponsored ads as it looks like search Results. You can check Demo in the below given paragraph.

How it Works (Demo) :-

1. Open – Demo.ExitJunction.Com.

2. Now, Press the Back Button.

3. You will see a list of sponsored listings.This is called Exit Junction ads.

Positive and Negative Points of Exit Junction:-


  1. Adverts are quite relevant to the visitors.
  2. Ads Don’t show to the daily visitors of your website.
  3. It doesn’t take any ad space on your website.
  4. Visitor from social networks will not see any advertisements only search engine traffic will see ads.
  5. Exit Junction doesn’t effect Income from other ad networks.
  6. Account approval is easy and fast.


  1. No Customization of Ads.
  2. Adverts only for Bounced traffic.

Exit Junction Payment?

There are two ways to get your payment, Cheque or PayPal. For PayPal, the minimum threshold is just $25. So, you can get money in your pockets very quickly, but if you choose Cheque, then you have to reach the $50 minimum threshold and also it will take some time to reach you, according to your residence.

How to Sign Up?

It is a pretty quick process. Click Sign Up, Fill out a Simple Form with Your and Your Website’s details and Again click Sign Up.Your Site will be approved within 2-3 Business days. Once approved, you can add the ad code to your site and start earning from Bounced Traffic.

Adsense -vs- Exit Junction

Well, I will never call this network as Adsense Alternative, because of many reasons. First one is, People are not sure, whether they can use this on their websites without loosing rankings and the second reason is, it is only for Bounced visitors.

So, that’s it for today. I hope you like this review. Now, don’t forget to give your views and share your experience with Exit Junction via comments.

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