Simple Ways to Deal with Exam Stress and Tension

Plan during Exam to avoid stress and tension

This is very Common that every Student will put himself under lot of Stress and Tension while preparing for Exams and on the Exam Morning. We will give Some tips to Stay away from Stress, How to Relief Tension and Keep Mind as Fresh as Possible.

So let’s Start without wasting Time.

1. Proper Sleep:-

Proper Sleep to recover from Exam Stress and Tension

This is our 1st Tip for Students to have Proper sleep in Exam Days as Student tend to study late Night or early Morning and they also don’t sleep in Day’s to complete sleeping Hours to Relief Body and Mind. Specially Night Before Exam Students always Sleep Late at Night and wake up very Early in the Morning that Create Lots of Stress on your Body and on Your Mind. This can lead you to Have Bad Exam some times.So Always Sleep Full in Exam Days specially a Night Before Exam.

2. Listen to Songs:-

Listen to Songs to release Stress in Exams
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This Method is already adopted by lot of Students as Listening Songs Relieve Stress very Quickly.Students can Listen Songs after Learning Some Chapters to Make Mind and Mood Fresh.

3. Think Positive :-

Think Positive to get positive results in exams

Always think Positive. It is common that Students think that their Classmates are better prepared for Exams and You are not up to the mark. This Type of thinking can create lot of stress on your Mind. So Always Keep Mind Positive. Always think that You are Fully prepared and You Will do it.

4. Eat Proper Diet :-

Eat Proper Diet to avoid stress and tension in Exams

Proper diet is way to Keep Body and Mind Healthy in Exam Days. as Students  Drink to much Coffee or Tea in Exam Days to Keep Mind Working as caffeine can Stimulate your Body But it also Reduces Clarity of Thinking. So it is always advised to Eat Green Vegetables and Drink Juices to Keep Body Healthy.

5. Relax Before Exam :-

relax before exam to stay away from stress and tension

On Your Exam day Try To Relax 1 Hour Before Exam. Don’t Try to Learn as much things before Exam as it might Puzzle your brain and create lot of Stress. SO always Relax your Mind for 1 hour before Exam start Time.

6. Plan During Exam:-

Plan during Exam to avoid stress and tension

When You got Question Paper always Read Full Paper slowly and Make a Quick Plan How you gonna divide Time to All Question. Tick Mark Question that you wanna attempt First and Then Start Writing according to Plan, Don’t Panic if Any of Question is not in your Mind Keep calm and just try to give your best.

7. Relax After exam :-

Relax after exam to avoid exam tension

Always Relax After the Exam so that your Mind and Body get Full Rest before preparing for Next exam. Don’t Ever ask you, classmates and friends, how much they have written in Exam. That doesn’t matter Just forget it and Keep your mind Fresh for your Next Exam Preparation.

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So these are Some Basic Tips to Stay Away from Stress In Exam Days and Prepare well to perform Best in Exams.

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