Since the importance of being groomed and presentable was realized by us humans, fragrances have become an important part of the overall grooming and vanity kit. When you smell good, the feeling not only changes your mood for the better, but it also makes for a more positive outlook.Perfume

Unique and suitable fragrances are also known to make you feel confident about yourself. This has been supported by an independent study conducted by Liverpool University in 2009, where it was found that altering your body odour can significantly amp up your self-confidence, as well as your ability to charm someone from the opposite sex.Perfume1

The present modern times leave no dearth for a range of fragrances, which are crafted to match your personal preferences – be it a deodorant, a roll-on, or the tried-and-tested perfume. And since we’re already speaking of scents that make us tick, why not talk about our surroundings and bring in the importance of room fresheners as a part of fragrances as well?

Envy1000 image via youtube
Envy1000 image via youtube

With easy access and personalized shopping experiences on the internet these days, you can select the perfect type of fragrance for your body, along with something wonderful for your abode! More than the fragrances being fresh, it is also important that they are of good quality and suit not just your skin but also your home, so that you are left feeling fresh and confident.

New Lynx Deodorant Bodyspray, Image via youtube
New Lynx Deodorant Bodyspray, Image via youtube

For buying such a product, you can make use of online medicine stores in India that not only have the latest stock of fragrances, but also ensure that you receive the products you’ve been looking for. But before you choose what to buy to make yourself and your home smell amazing, read this nifty guide to sort your fragrance priorities.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Deodorants work as a perfume by stopping the bacterial growth in your sweaty areas and provide fragrance to mask the body odour. They do not stop sweating in your problem areas. Antiperspirants on the other hand, block the pores to control your sweat and also mask the body odor.Pefume and deo

You can choose what you like, depending on your preferences. For instance, if you lead an active life with a lot of physical workout, then antiperspirants can be a good option. However, for a casual day, perfumed deodorants are good to go. Deodorants come in different forms like-

Spray-ons: These are the most popular ones in the market. They are good for everyday use and you can pick a mild or strong fragrance, depending on your sweating intensity.Deo perfume

Roll-ons or Stick Deodorants: These have a mild aroma and are directly applied on the surface of the skin. Ensure that sweaty areas of your body are wiped clean, so that these products can work effectively.

 NIVEA Roll-On Deodorant Stick, image via NIVEA
NIVEA Roll-On Deodorant Stick, image via NIVEA

Since body odor comes from the bacterial intervention on the sweat glands, you should wear properly cleaned clothes and maintain a regular hygiene to regulate the odor.


To smell good for a long period of time or on special occasions, perfumes are the best forms of fragrances that you can use.perfume

These fragrances carry a stronger and lasting note than the deodorant, but they’ve to be applied in a certain manner for maximum effect. Perfumes should not be applied on clothes as the extracts and oils could stain the fabric, instead you should apply them on the places where you feel your heartbeat or pulses. For instance, your neck, behind your ears, inner wrists, and elbows. These pulse points ensure that the fragrance keeps emanating with the pulse and stays longer.perfume1

Perfumes are alcohol and water-based (also known as mists) products. The body mists are milder in comparison to perfumes and are less concentrated. They can be sprayed generously and generally do not stain clothes.

Room Fresheners

Room fresheners or air fresheners come in variant forms like sprays, candles, or gels, which emit tantalizing fragrances and can be placed in a room for a subtle freshness in the air.Room freshner perfume

Room sprays or fresheners usually eliminate the bad odor by replacing it with a pleasant aroma. They do not eliminate the source of the odor but mask it, giving your place a nice and fresh fragrance. Some people prefer using air fresheners only for the pleasant odor, but you can use also them for a fresh feeling and a better mood.Room freshner perfume.1JPG

Now that you’ve learned about the different kinds of fragrance-based products available in the market, you can choose the one which pleases your senses. But, before you buy one, test it on your wrists or palms to rule out any allergic reactions.

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