Event Blogging Case Study : 721K Organic Traffic & Earned $5k+ in 4-5 Days

Event Blogging Case Study : 721K Organic Traffic & Earned $5k+ in 4-5 Days

You might be looking so much curious after reading the title of this article. Right? πŸ˜‰

Well friends, It’s normal for anybody, Anyone could be curious after reading that ”Β How We Drive 721k Traffic & Earned $5k+ in 4-5 Days – Case Study ” because there may be lots of questions creating in your mind that how we do this. Right? πŸ™‚

I can easily give some example of questions which are creating in your mind like

  1. How we drive 721k traffic from Google search engine?
  2. How we earned $5000+ in just 4-5 days?
  3. What strategies we have used to achieve this kind of success?

etc etc…

I can’t point out every question of your mind here but I can simply answer all your questions. You only need to read this complete case study very carefully because I am going to cover this case study dynamically so that after reading this case study, You will be totally speechless. πŸ˜‰

So lets start the case study… πŸ™‚

What We Did to Achieve This Success?

This is the first and foremost question which every reader might be thinking. Right?

Actually I and my friend ” Atinder S. Gill & Sanu Siddharth – The Founder ” of this blog was working together on an event based niche blog. i.e. ” Happy New Year 2015 “.

We simply purchased a domain name i.e. www.happynewyear2015images.net

And Ranked it on the toppest position of Google with a most and highly searched keyword that is ” New Year 2015 ” as you can see the proof in the below screenshot.

New Year 2015

Many event bloggers and our competitors was targeting ” Happy New Year 2015 ” keyword to get ranked on top 1st position but We was targeting the shortest keyword i.e. ” New Year 2015 “. We both worked hard and achieved what we want to do. We ranked our blog on the 1st position of Google.com as you can see in the above screenshot.

After getting ranked on the peak, we got a lot of success. Due to this, we got more than 721k Google traffic and charming real time stat which you can see in the below screenshot.

new year real time highest screenshot

case study 1

This much flood of traffic helped us to earn $5000+ in just 4-5 days. Now you might be thinking that how we did all this this. Right?

You might be thinking that how we worked in order to achieve this success. So friends, It’s just the starting of this article, Just wait and watch, I will explain you all the things very clearly.

How We Worked to Achieve This Success?

So here comes the actual part of this article. In order to get this achievement, ranking of the blog is must. So we both worked wisely.

1. Keyword Research

After taking the decision that we both will work together on New Year 2015 event, the first thing was need to do is ” Domain registration “. So we searched for some highly searched keywords which will have high number of searches with low competition.

We simply logged in to Google Adwords Keyword Planner and started checking the searches of some keywords like

  • Happy New Year 2014 Wishes
  • Happy New Year 2014 Wallpaper
  • Happy New Year 2014 SMS
  • Happy New Year 2014 Images

etc… We was checking the number of searches in December 2013. After completing the keyword research, we found that below keywords are highly searched in December 2013.

>> Guide For Event Based Niche Blogging

  • Happy New Year 2014 Wishes – 201k searches with low competition
  • Happy New Year 2014 Wallpaper – 135k searches with low competition
  • Happy New Year 2014 SMS – 90.5k searches with low competition
  • Happy New Year 2014 Images – 450k searches with low competition

After getting this report, we found that ”Β Happy New Year 2014 Images ” is the highly searched keyword with 450k searches in December 2013. So we decided that we will also register the domain name with the corresponding keyword and then we registered ” www.happynewyear2015images.net ” as other TLD’s like .com or .org was not available that’s why we choose .net domain name.

While doing keyword research, we have also found that

  • Happy New Year 2014 – 5,000k searches with low competition
  • New Year 2014 – 7,480k searches with low competition

these 2 keywords are having huge number of searches in December 2013. So we targeted that we will try to rank on top with these 2 below keywords.

  • New Year 2015
  • Happy New Year 2015

2. Domain Age & Keyword Placement

Actually we are not that kind of guys who says that we ranked our event blog in just 7 days etc etc. We are the Newbie’s πŸ˜‰ so we need to take care of every little things that’s why we have registered our domain name 5 months before the event. It means we have registered our domain name in August 2014.

As I know that domain age is the most important factor in terms of SEO for event based niche blogs and we should register our domains 4-5 months ago. Due to this, we can easily make authority and trust in front of Google by maintaining posting frequency till 4-5 months.

By doing this, when you will near to event then you will see that all your blog posts which you are publishing, getting ranked just after publishing the post because when you will publish 3-4 articles daily till 4-5 months then it will improve the authority and trust of your blog in Google’s eye and that’s why your blog posts are getting rank just after publishing it.

And this is the reason for starting event blog 4-5 months before the event.

After registering the domain name, we placed keywords wisely in the Title and Meta Description of the Homepage. Wait… lemme show you the keywords, how I placed it for our event blog.

Title Keyword :Β Happy New Year 2015 Images | New Year 2015 Wishes | New Year 2015 SMS | 2015 Greetings | Wallpapers

Meta Description Keyword :Β Happy New Year 2015 Images | New Year Wishes | New Year SMS | New Year 2015 Wallpapers | New Year Photos | New Year 2015 Pictures | Greetings

>> How to Select Perfect Domain NameΒ 

This is the format of keyword placement which I mostly use for event blogs. I always includes related keywords with main keywords so that blog can also rank for other related keywords and this blog has also ranked for other related keyword due to perfect keyword placement.

Link building are the most powerful work which every event blogger should need to do in order to rank their blog on the peak of the Google. More powerful backlinks you have, more chances your blog will have to get rank higher in Google. I have created coutless backlinks in this 5 months and our most of the backlinks was indexed by Google.

case study 2

As you can see in the above screenshot, I have created around 3.4k backlinks from 218 different root domains by using our main keywords as anchor text which we are targeting and these backlinks helped us to get rank higher in Google. While creating backlinks, I never cared that either I am creating dofollow backlinks or nofollow backlinks. You should always remember that nofollow backlinks are also most important like dofollow backlinks.

If you will only concentrate on dofollow backlinks then Google might slap your blog and pull your blog from search results and it happens to many event blogs as you all know that Google was rolling out Penguin 3.0 updates these days and it removes many event blogs from Google search results.

But our blog ranked on the top till end. πŸ˜€

What We Did to Improve Our Earnings?

Previuosly Our blog was ranking with all the related and main keywords in all the major countries like India, USA , UK etc but In order to improve our earnings, we set up a Geographic target for USA and then later our blog’s ranking was started decreasing from 1st position in all countries except USA.

With this Geographic target setup, Our blog’s ranking start improving day by day in USA and the good thing is that after targeting the USA, our blog was still ranked in other coutries, not on 1st position but in top 5 results. πŸ˜€ But In USA, we was on top with keyword ” New Year 2015 “. πŸ˜€

Due to this, We got flood of Google traffic from USA on event days which increased the earning of our blog.

How We Monetized Our Blog?

As you all know that Google Adsense is the best blog monetization program and We have also did the same. As we was getting good traffic from USA so we placed Google ads on our blog perfectly.

Actually We have used total 4 Adsense account on our blog because we don’t want to take any risk and that’s why we used 4 Adsense account on our blog and we get what we asumed. πŸ˜€

>> Double your Adsense Earning

Total New Year Income

As you can see in the above screenshot, 4 Adsense accounts are used.

1st Adsense Made – $900.28

2nd Adsense Made – $1,062.97

3rd Adsense Made – $1,186.13

4th Adsense Made – $2,016.06

Total – $5,165.44 πŸ˜€

Over to You

So this was the complete event blogging case study. You might be thinking that according to the title of this article ”Β How We Drive 721k Traffic & Earned $5k+ in 4-5 Days – Case Study “, we said that we earned $5k in just 4-5 days. So yes it’s true, we earned this much amount of money in last 4 days ( 30th Dec – 2nd Jan ) because on these days, the traffic was on peak and it increased our earnings like charm. So If you have any queries and suggestions then kindly leave your comments below. I’ll be thankful to you If you can share this article on major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Happy Blogging πŸ˜‰

  1. @Chetan
    I am really inspired by your success,Really man you three made more than 5000+$ in just 4-5 days. Very much impressive.
    Thanks for the case study and giving your basic strategies for the event blogging.


  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful guide. Just followed your tips and tried to create a event blog for India. But its not successful. But the learning is simply awesome and may be I will try further to build another blog. Thanks for the great advice.

  3. Hi Chetan,

    I am glad that I read this post at the right time because I am blogging since 2 years on competitive blogging tips niche where I didn’t earned any money, now I am looking forward to do one event blog to test my luck.

    I was little bit hesitant to start event blogs because I don’t know how to build backlinks to it which ranks the keyword, I thought I should create PBN to get backlinks, after reading this post I got confidence that I cam build links if I have time to do it without looking dofollow or nofollow.

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    Well, Can you tell me what backlinking strategy did you follow ? πŸ™‚

    3000 Backlinks are very much and very hard to Create, If you will see ShoutMeLoud or neil patel or backlinko Backlink then it’s almost 3000 and he is doing blogging form 6-7 years. πŸ™

    how did you backlinked like this ? Say your Link building tactics. well I am going to check your backlinks now :p

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  8. Hello
    Its such an inspiration for all bloggers.I thing i have to follow your tips for success in blogging career.

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    Thanks for Sharing this knowledge man!
    Have a nice weekend.!! cheers..!!!

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    just my quetion is that can i used paid backlink for event blogging and also their is any risk for getting banned from google adsense
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    prem chand

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    1. Well, you can book whenever You want..between period of 1-6 months before that particular event.

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    1. Multiple adsense accounts are not allowed on same site at a time, but you can use one after another. It is safe to use.
      Example:- one day you can use your account and the other day you can use your friend’s account on the same site.

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    SUCCESS is in your feet as first FIBA, Now NEW YEAR and who knows in coming days it will be VALENTiNE πŸ˜€

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    1. Yes Manik, You are absolutely right. Using multiple Adsense account on a single blog is risky but at the same time. If you are using 4 different Adsense accounts on 4 different days then it’s okay. We also used 4 adsense account, one account one day only. And secondly, we didn’t used any new link building strategy. All the link building strategy was same which every event blogger was following. Happy Blogging πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hi Akash
      The CTR of our Adsense account was between 4-5% and we are managing it properly. Actually we was experimenting that at which location should we place Google ads in order to improve CTR and we found it. So hope you got your answer. πŸ˜‰ Happy Blogging πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hi Rajesh
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      Happy Blogging πŸ˜‰

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