The All Encompassing Data Recovery Tool Review

The All Encompassing Data Recovery Tool Review

I won’t beat around the bush here, if you’ve lost data and you wish to recover it, in that case you’re at the right place. That’s what this article is all about- EaseUS Data Recovery Review.

There are more than one reasons how you can loose data in this century, the most common reasons being Virus attacks and Hard Disk corruptions.

I’ve even been with some good for nothing so called “data recovery tools” which claim to recover the data but all they do is leave behind a Trojan horse which compromises my systems and privacy.

Bottom line being, most of the data recovery tools in the market don’t work, but EaseUS does! Nope you don’t have to take my word for it, the features I’m discussing below will speak for themselves.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

The reason I’m in love with EaseUS is it’s vast support for every possible device and data loss scenario in addition to it’s extremely easy User Interface.

Extremely Easy Process:-

The data recovery process is extremely simple, just launch EaseUS. It will ask you for the files types you want to recover.


As you can see it’s diverse and covers almost every possible file type! If it’s a digital file type, it can be recovered by EaseUS.

And then you’d be asked to select the location from where you want to recover the data. Just select the drive.


Once you’ve selected your device you get the option to “scan” it! I’ve just got to mention here the speed with which your files are scanned is impressive! It took less than a minute in my case, which is like 10x faster if compared to the other data recovery tools I’ve been with.


Deep Scan:- It’s an advanced scan feature, if you can’t find your files using the normal scans, you can opt for deep scan which does a “deeper” scan for your lost files and has a greater chance of bringing back your files from the dead.


Preview Available:-

Another feature I love about this data recovery tool is it’s ability to give me a preview of the recoverable files before recovering them. This makes sure that I don’t pull in every bit of data that I lost because not everything that I deleted or lost needs to be “recovered”, right?


Import/Export Features:-

EaseUS is the only tool I’ve seen this feature with! It lets me export my scan results, so I need not recover the files right away, but instead I can import these search results later and then I won’t have to “scan” it again instead I can move directly to the recovery step!

This is not only innovative, it also functions as a much needed feature. Specially if you scanned a large number of files but for some reason couldn’t recover them right away, you could import the scan results later.


So that was about the “recovery process”. Let’s have a deeper look into the “features”!

Types of Files Supported:-

As you saw the very first screen that pops up when you launch the program is the one which wants you to select the file-types you want to recover, so let’s have a look at what file types can you recover:

  • Emails
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Compressed Files
  • Documents
  • Audio Files

Etc! Do note that the “other” option on that screen encompasses all the other kinds of “digital” file types out there which you might want to recover.

Supports Every Device:-

Putting it simply, this is not just a data recovery tool that supports only laptops and computers instead it can recover files from Mobile, Digital Cameras, USB Sticks, Memory Cards and what not!

Final Verdict:-

It’s a tool that not only recovers your data, but it recovers “every kind of data from every kind of device”. And the best part is you don’t need to “buy” the tool compulsorily, they also got a “Free” version which should suffice most of your needs.

So nope I’m not trying to shake off pennies off your pockets, you can go out, try the free version of EaseUS and then once you fall in love with it’s super-powers (which you definitely will ) then you can consider buying the premium version.

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