Love Email Marketing Via Amazon SES? Use MailGet

MailGet Review

So, you love Email marketing via Amazon SES? Well, I totally understand why you love it, because it’s the best way to send only out going newsletters, Marketing Mails like Offers, Giveaways, order Confirmations, etc.. It gives you the best Opportunity to promote your product and earn money from it. But, still many are not using this service, because of the fact, they don’t find it easy to use. Many of you also tried different companies for Email Marketing Via Amazon SES, but failed to succeed. And also, all those services take hold in your pocket, I mean they cost a lot.

But from now onwards, you will not need to pay that much money, because today I am introducing MailGet which provides high quality Email Marketing services at 100x Cheaper Price.

What is MailGet?

If you are one of those, who love email marketing and has thousand’s of subscribers, then MailGet is the best option for you. For a simple definition, it is an email marketing service which doesn’t require any technical knowledge or designing knowledge. Any newbie can use it and send tons of emails via Amazon SES.

MailGet Review

A close look at MailGet Features

Easy-to-use dashboard

These days Email marketing is going to another level, where each day, many newbies are coming in this field. But, they have Don’t enough technical knowledge as they just started. So, in that case, MailGet is the best option for all of you as it provides very simple, user-friendly dashboard, where every single option is under your eyes.

Easy-to use dashboard

Drag and Drop Email Builder

As I already explained, you won’t need any technical or designing skills to use this tool, because they provided you a superb drag and drop email builder, which is very easy to use. You can build attractive mails in a matter of few minutes.

Create superb mails with MailGet

Send Unlimited Emails

If you are using any other email marketing service, then you must know that they give only a limited number of emails at a high price, but with MailGet, you will get unlimited emails at a very cheap price. So, you can use this tool freely to build a superb community or to earn big money via marketing.

Easy Email Tracking

One most important thing in email marketing is tracking your emails. You should know, whether your user opened your email or not? Whether the user clicked your link or not? And MailGet is the best tool to do this. They will give all the options to track your emails. It’s easy.


Cheapest Plans when compared to other similar tools

They offer 3 different plans in 3 different prices. All are superb. Let’s take a look.


Plan 1:-

This plan is for all newbies who can’t invest big. In this plan, you can build a 10,000 emails list and then send unlimited number emails to all the recipients in just $29. Isn’t it cool? Yeah! it is.

Plan 2:-

If you are an intermediate blogger or an entrepreneur with a list of around 50,000 emails, then you can go for this plan 2 which will only cost you $49.

 Plan 3:-

This plan is their top plan, which is for top email marketers. It will only cost you $79 and you will get an option to add 1,00,000 emails to your list.

Personally, I will say, all three plans are good, you can buy any one of them according to your needs and then, later on, can upgrade if you need more.

Look at the Video for better understanding:-

This Video will help you understand this tool. It will make usage of MailGet Super easy for you.

So, Hurry Up! Go for MailGet!

Now, there is no point wasting any time. Just go for MailGet and rock email marketing. But if you are still not sure about it, then you can use the Demo account (Check Demo Here) and then, make your mind, whether it’s worth buying or not. But I am sure, you will be impressed after using the demo account.


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