If you’ve lost your data for some reason, and you need to get it back, you’re exactly where you should be. You’re going to spend your next 2 minutes reading this EaseUS review, and then you’re gonna want to thank me for it.

I don’t believe in phrases like “this is the best data “data recovery software go buy this tool” etc, that’s just cheesy. Instead what I’ll do is, I’ll review the tool for you and then you can decide if its worth your time or not.

What is EaseUS?

I like to call it the ‘universal data recovery tool’ simply because of its “superpowers” that it can:-

  • Recover data from any device.
  • Recover data lost in any scenario.
  • Recover any file type.

So basically, if you ever lost a file, from any device, under any circumstances, EaseUS  holds the power to dig it up back from the dead.

EaseUS Features:-


Well as soon as people read the word “review”, they assume that the author is trying to sell them something. Well in this case, I’m not! Because EaseUS has a completely operational free version as well!

Which Files Can you Recover?
EaseUS Data recovery tool review 2017

As I already said, you can recover everything from a simple JPG image file, to an archived E-mail with EaseUS. You get to choose the file-type you’re trying to recover on the very first step of the recovery.

It helps you recover:-

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Documents
  • E-mails
  • And a lot many other file-types.

So you can either use it to recover some important documents, or just use it as a photo recovery tool, it’s up to you.

Which devices are supported?

Again, I didn’t tag it as the “universal” free data recovery software for nothing, doesn’t matter from which device you’re trying to get your data back, bottom-line is you will get your data back.

It supports:-

  • Hard-Disks
  • Memory Cards
  • USB Sticks
  • Music Players
  • Digital Cameras

And I believe that comprises of almost all the digital devices you can loose a data from in your everyday day to day life, isn’t that right?

Other Features Worth Mentioning:-


EaseUS Data recovery tool review 2017

EaseUS gives you the complete list of files you can recover before actually recovering them, so that you can choose the ones you want and the others which you don’t.

This way you save time, and your space on the hard disk as you don’t have to bring back every file you ever deleted from your system.

Import/Export Scan Results:-

EaseUS Data recovery tool review 2017

This is a feature meant to facilitate the longer scans for you. Meaning once you scan a device, you don’t ever have to scan it again if you export the results.

Rather, you can just import the results at any later time and then continue with the recovery process without any problem at all.


Everything from the installation process, to the recovery was impressively fast enough!

It’s a lightweight program and hence doesn’t eat up your system resources, at the same time brings files back at a never before speed.

Final Verdict:-

So basically EaseUS is without doubt one of the best tools you can use to get your files back once you’ve lost them or they were corrupted.

As far as the pricing plan goes, let me tell you the free version is more than capable to handle almost all your recovery needs, and the only limitation it has is that you can recover 2GB of data for free.

Well 2GB is more than enough to try the tool out, and then you can opt for its premium version for a wide-range of extended possibilities.

Well do let me know what you think of the tool once you try it out.

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